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Chapter 31: The Last Milestone

The thing was clear: these people did not repress. They simply did whatever came to their mind - they simply did it. They did not bother about law and society; naturally society cannot tolerate these people. They have to be criminals, they have to be punished - it is a vengeance.

I inquired of all the superintendents whose jails I had visited.because the governor of my state was a very innocent man, almost childlike. He was not a politician. He had come into power.because when the British government left, it was not a question of only politicians getting the power. The first generation of the politicians were almost nonpolitical, because India had not been free for two thousand years so there was no politics - these people were chosen for their qualities - and particularly not the governors because they were not elected. They were appointed by the president.

The president himself was a very simple man. He had a great attraction for my way of thinking, and he used to tell me, “Just do one thing: that when I die, just tell God that I was not a bad man.”

“But,” I said, “there is no God, and even if there is, I have no direct communication with him!”

He said, “I will not listen to you, and you cannot deceive me. You have to promise me that when I die you will tell God, ‘This man was not bad.’”

I said, “This is a strange idea! I don’t have any God, and I don’t think you need any recommendation. You are a good man; only bad people need recommendations.” But he was very innocent, and he told me, “If you can go to the jails and help these people..”

I had time, and I started going to the jails. I asked all the superintendents, “Has any criminal who has murdered, raped, done any other major crime, ever gone mad?” And the answer was always no.

I said, “Have you ever thought about it? - that outside, people go mad? These are the people who should go mad - if your theologies and your religions and your so-called philosophies are right - because they have done everything that you think is wrong. But they are so innocent, simple.”

They said, “We have never thought about it.” It seems nobody is concerned with the basic human evolution. These criminals are so innocent, because they don’t have anything repressed; that makes their innocence. And because they don’t have anything repressed, madness is impossible.

I am not saying that everybody should start committing crimes to avoid madness and to become innocent. What I am saying is that this can give you an indication that energies should not be collected. They should be used. And if we are living in a right society, they will be used creatively. The same violence which kills a man can sculpt a beautiful Gautam Buddha, because as far as the hand is concerned, it releases energy whether you cut off somebody’s head or you cut stones or you cut wood. It doesn’t matter to the hand and to the energy - the energy is released.

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