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Chapter 36: The Miracle of the Flower

Life is possible only with the meeting of man and woman. The woman alone is not capable of giving birth, neither is man capable of giving birth alone. Life is a harmony between the man and the woman, a meeting between two polarities. But just to make him special.

Gautam Buddha is born - the mother is standing. Now no woman gives birth to a child standing! But perhaps she was practicing some yoga discipline and was able to stand up while giving birth. Even up to this point it can be accepted rationally - but then Gautam Buddha is born, also standing. The first thing he does is, he walks seven feet. And the second thing he does is to declare that “I am the most awakened being who has ever walked on the earth.” Not even seven minutes old!

But, to make them special, these fictitious stories are created around Krishna, around Mahavira, around everybody. These stories are, in a subtle way, to prevent you from becoming enlightened. These are to create a distance between you and those who have become awakened, and the distance is so vast, so unbridgeable, that it is better not to try because you are going to fail. There is no possibility of succeeding.

My basic standpoint is that all these people were as ordinary as you are. Yes, they became extraordinary, but so can you become. That extraordinariness is the flowering of your seed, of your potentiality.

What has happened to Govind Siddharth, I hope and bless you all that nobody should be left behind.

You all have to claim your birthright.

What is innocence? Why are innocent people suffering the most?

I have never seen any innocent person suffering. Innocence is such a deep blissfulness that whatever happens around it makes no difference to its bliss. Even death is irrelevant.

But I can understand your question. It is not only yours; many people have asked me why innocent people suffer. First, they don’t understand what innocence is. Secondly, when they suffer, they think it is because of innocence that they are suffering, not that the cause must be somewhere else.

The same kind of question has been asked from different angles - why good people, virtuous people, religious people suffer. I have never seen any religious person suffer - or a good person or a virtuous person. But what they mean is that they think themselves good, religious, virtuous, innocent. And all that is not right.

Perhaps they are good - but out of fear, not out of love. They are good because they are afraid of hell, they are virtuous because they are desirous and greedy of the pleasures of heaven.

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