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Chapter 5: Singing Silence

So Sufis say that if you want to renounce anything, renounce the knowledge that you have accumulated in the memory. That is the real barrier. Because of this idea that you know you can’t become innocent, you can’t become like children. When you are a Hindu, how can you be innocent? You are already corrupted, you have already gathered opinion. Scriptures have already entered your mind, and ideologies and concepts and philosophies. You have already become cunning. You are clever. How can you be innocent?

When a child is born and opens his eyes for the first time, is he a Christian or a Mohammedan or a Hindu? Those eyes are the real eyes. Soon dust will start gathering. Soon we will start throwing ideas into the innocent consciousness of the child. Soon the mirror will gather much garbage and will not reflect reality anymore.

This garbage has to be dropped. The memory has to be used, but one should not get identified with it. I am not saying that you have to drop your memory, just the identity has to be dropped.

You will be surprised. When the identity is dropped you can use your memory far more efficiently than before - because then it is just a mechanism, whenever you need it you can use it. But you remain aloof, distant, pure. You remain a child.

Jesus goes on saying, “Unless you are like small children you will not enter into the kingdom of my God.” He was standing in a crowd in a marketplace one day and somebody asked, “Who will be the worthy ones? Who will enter into your kingdom of God? Who will be the chosen few, the elect ones?” Jesus looked around.. Naturally the rabbi of that small village was present and he thought, “He must show me, that I will be the worthy one.” But Jesus bypassed him. The rich man of the town was there and he bypassed him. And the professor was there and he bypassed him. And an ascetic was there and he bypassed him. And then his eyes fell on a small child who was just standing in the crowd, completely innocent. He took the child up and he showed the child to everybody saying, “Those who are like this child, innocent, mirrorlike, only they will be able to enter into my kingdom of God.”

That’s why, if the rabbis were very angry with Jesus, it should not be a surprise. If the learned people were against him, it should not be a surprise. If the religious priests were against him, it should not be a surprise. If they all gathered together to destroy this innocent man, this Sufi, Jesus Christ, it is logical.

Sufis talk much about Jesus Christ, and they talk in a far more loving way than Christians do - because their understanding about Jesus is deeper. Christians’ understanding again becomes that of dogma. Sufis have an insight and the insight comes because they have come to know the moment of not knowing. Remember these words: the moment of not knowing. Attain to it. From that moment the journey starts.

So a master has to take away all your knowledge. He has to destroy all ego in opinions, philosophies, creeds. He has to be very hard. He has to hammer you. Once knowledge disappears and clouds are not there and the sun of consciousness burns bright, things start happening, miracles start happening.

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