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Chapter 8: The First Principle

At the periphery it is outside, at the center it is inside, but the periphery belongs to the center. Can you have a center without a periphery? - then what type of center would that be? The center belongs to the periphery. Can you have a periphery without a center? - they belong to each other. They are just like two banks of a river: the river flows in between and you cannot divide.

You are hungry - you don’t say, “Hunger is inside so how can I eat the food which is outside?” You eat the food and the food becomes your blood, and the blood becomes your bio-energy, and your bio-energy becomes your thinking, and your thinking becomes your heart, your feeling, and your feeling becomes your witness, and your witness becomes the divine, the ultimate. There is a subtle digestion on every plane. You take the food, it is outside. The moment you have taken it in, you digest it, the non-essential is thrown out again; the essential moves towards the center. You have digested it; it has become blood, bones, flesh - the body. Then again a digestion takes place; the most subtle of it is again absorbed. It becomes your bio-energy, what scientists call bio-plasma. It becomes electricity in you. But then again a digestion happens; the essential in it is again absorbed inwards - it becomes your thoughts. Thought is subtle electricity. Then again you move inwards. Thinking is digested into feeling - it becomes your heart.

So love is still a more subtle bio-energy than thinking, but that too is not the end. Again, in love, that which is more subtle is absorbed and digested - it becomes your witness, your meditation. It becomes your awareness. But that too is not the end, because the witness is still there, and when the witness is there the division is there. The division has become narrow; you are coming almost to the center but the division is still there. You are a witness - the subject and the object. Of what are you a witness? The division is still there.

Then at the last jump energy has become totally centered; the object and subject disappear. Then there is no witness, then you have gone to the beyond, then you are as if you are not. You are and you are not; you have become the whole. This is the state, the final state, where in one way you are totally, utterly annihilated, and in another way you have become the whole. The son disappears, now you have become the father. Now there is no Christ, just the supreme-most father exists - the son is absorbed. Where will you draw the line between that which is outside and that which is inside?

Many people come to me and they say, “Inside we are already sannyasins, but outside.?” But is there really a division? And if you divide you become two; if you become two, then the conflict arises, the whole game of inner war. An inner politics arises - who is to dominate whom? Either the outside is to dominate the inside, or the inside is to dominate the outside. If the outside dominates the inside you become a materialist. If the inside dominates the outside you become a spiritualist. In either case you are half, you are not whole.

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