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Chapter 6: Back to Eros

The word creed is beautiful, it comes from a root credere. Credere means “to believe.” I am not giving you any belief-system, I am destroying all belief-systems.

Muktananda has given you a belief-system. He is an ordinary teacher, in the service of the society, in the service of the past, in the service of this rotten structure, establishment. He is not a master.

I have seen him, I have seen him, I have met him: there is no fire in him. Nothing has happened in him - or whatsoever has happened is very ordinary, can happen to anybody. Those type of things happen in India to thousands of people. He has no insight, he is not an enlightened person. You can remain attached to him and you can go on playing the game, but you will remain in a very primary state.

And I am not saying that he has not helped you - even a primary class helps, otherwise nobody would ever enter into the university. But I am a totally different kind of person, diametrically opposite. I teach you rebellion. I am against the whole past, I am all for the present. And the future is going to be born out of the present.

I am not for the establishment. My whole work here is to create a totally different kind of humanity. The humanity that has existed up till now is ill, abnormal, neurotic. I don’t belong to any tradition: I am not a Hindu, not a Christian, not a Mohammedan. I am utterly finished with the past, and I teach the same to you.

I don’t give you a doctrine, I give you an insight into reality. I don’t give you a belief, I take all the beliefs and prejudices away from you, so that you can become a clean clear mirror so that that which is can be reflected in you.

But this is possible only if you come close to me. The closer you are, the better. And by being closer I don’t mean a physical closeness, I mean a spiritual closeness.

You say. “I question the need to be attached to another teacher although I feel and understand your teachings deeply.”

Now you will be in turmoil. You are creating a split in yourself. Your heart is finished with your so-called teacher, Muktananda; just your mind is clinging. Your heart will be with me now, and your mind will go on clinging to the past. The mind always clings to the past. The mind is absolutely against the present and the future; it lives, exists, on the past, on the dead. Now you will be in a great split; your mind will say one thing, and your heart will say another thing.

And my ways are so totally different from your other so-called teachers that the rift will become bigger and bigger every day. Either burn all my books and forget all about me - be at peace at least; you will remain stupid but there will be peace - or be finished with your old attachments. Then you can start growing again.

I can help you.

You say, “I know I cannot go back to Baba’s methods.”

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