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Chapter 15: Man Is Born to Celebrate

Perhaps the gossip is right. I hope it is right! - because to me, it is very creditable to become old so soon. It is the beginning of wisdom. I am waiting for the day when people start talking about you, saying that you have become ancient. Old age is nothing compared to being ancient.

.Truth is stranger than fiction, and also harder to make up.

So naturally people make up gossips; it is easier - very easy!

Bernard Shaw used to say, “I don’t know if there are men on the moon, but if there are they must be using this earth as their lunatic asylum.” And I agree with that old man, George Bernard Shaw. He was, in this century, one of the men who had tremendous insight into human foolishness.

Once when he was in America for the first and last time - because he never went again.when the federal judge told me that I cannot enter America for five years, I said, “Why bother about years? I am not going back ever! One time is enough.” And that’s what happened with George Bernard Shaw.

He went once on invitation to America. In the first meeting he was addressing the people who had invited him - very well known people, respectable people, rich people - and he said, “Looking at you I can almost take it for granted that fifty percent of the people in America are idiots.” Of course the whole gathering was outraged: “We are here to welcome you, we have invited you, you are our guest - this is not the way to start!” There was silence, but great anger in people’s eyes. Bernard Shaw said, “Forgive me, I just said the opposite of what I was going to say.”

People relaxed. He said, “I was going to say that fifty percent of people in America are very intelligent, but now I have to change my statement. That was my first impression. And this is my last impression, it is final: one hundred percent of the people are idiots.”

Bernard Shaw had a certain insight into our so-called sane humanity. He was not right only about America, he was right about the whole earth: it is a mental asylum.

But still.a few sutras will be good, either for now or tomorrow when you will be getting older again. Now it is very difficult to say when you will be young and when you will be old. It is going to be up and down, up and down.. That’s what some sannyasin was complaining about: “Whoever I meet and I ask how things are, they say ‘up and down’.everybody says the same thing: up and down!” But nobody is going up and down so much as Devageet.

.Old age is when a girl gets on your nerves rather than on your lap.

Just so you can figure out where you are:

.Middle age is when you can feel bad in the morning without having fun the night before.

.Intuition is what enables a woman to put two and two together and come up with an answer that suits her.

So beware of women’s intuition - particularly in old age!

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