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Chapter 10: Beyond East and West

I am here. This is the flower I am talking about. I am your future. That which is going to happen to you has happened to me. If you cannot smell then don’t blame the flower - blow your nose.

But that is difficult for the ego; the ego is always ready to deny, it is never ready to transform itself. The ego can say there is no God; it cannot say, “Maybe it is because I have got so many blocks that I cannot feel God.” The ego can deny that there is a flower, but it cannot recognize the fact that it has lost the capacity to smell.

Hence there are so many people who deny God. It is easy to deny God, it is comfortable in fact - because if there is no God you need not bother about your nose, you need not work upon your being. If there is no God then there is no work, then there is no growth, then there is no search. You can be lazy you can drown yourself in lethargy. If there is no God then there is no guilt.

I am against guilt - the guilt that has been created by the priests - but there is a different type of guilt which is not created by the priest. And that guilt is very meaningful. That guilt arises if you feel there is something more in life and you are not working hard to get to it. Then you feel a guilt. Then you feel that somehow you are creating barriers to your own growth - that you are lazy, lethargic, unconscious, asleep; that you don’t have any integration; that you cannot move towards your destiny. Then a guilt arises. When you feel that you have the possibility and you are not turning it into actuality then a guilt arises. That guilt is totally different.

I am not talking about the guilt that priests have created in humanity: don’t eat this otherwise you will feel guilty; don’t do that otherwise you will feel guilty.. They have condemned millions of things, so if you eat, if you drink, if you do this and that, you are surrounded by guilty feelings. I am not talking about that guilt - that guilt has to be dropped. In fact that guilt helps you to remain where you are. Those guilty feelings don’t allow you to know the real guilt inside. They create so much fuss about small things: you eat in the night and the Jainas create much fuss - you are guilty, you are a sinner. Why have you eaten in the night? Or you have divorced your wife or your husband and the Catholics create a guilty feeling in you - you have done something wrong. It was not wrong to live with the woman and continuously fight, it was not wrong to destroy the woman and destroy yourself, it was not wrong to destroy the children - just between the two of you they were being crushed, their whole life was conditioned in a wrong way.. No, that was not bad, but if you get out of that marriage, if you get out of that hell, you feel guilty.

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