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Chapter 19: Radiance

It is very much a mutual conspiracy: you are feeling happy that you have somebody to protect you, a mediator between you and the invisible god, and the missionary is feeling good that so many people believe in his truth - “They cannot be wrong. I alone can be wrong, but a multitude of people, the whole congregation of the church, cannot be wrong. It must be that I have the truth.” So this is a mutual, unconscious arrangement.

Ta Hui is saying something tremendously important. If you want to give the message to people about the great truth, the truth of enlightenment, remember one thing: it should not come from your head, it should not be intellectual jargon. You will be so full of it in your heart that it starts overflowing.

Then you are not the giver, and you don’t have to brag that you have converted so many people. You are not the converter; it is truth itself which is creating the magic of transformation. You are simply a vehicle.

But the first thing for you is to be filled with truth, filled with light, filled with fragrance, so that you can share it. In fact, you have to become a rain cloud which becomes heavy with rain and wants to shower. You have to become so heavy with your ultimate experience of freedom, of joy, of blissfulness, of truth, that you want to rain, just like a rain cloud.

This is a very significant message and it must have come to Ta Hui as an experience. He was an intellectual, and we are watching a great transformation: an intellectual being transformed slowly, slowly into an enlightened human being. We are watching the birth of a great buddha, the great awakened one.

The first sutra:

Yen T’ou said, “In the future, if you want to propagate the great teaching, it must flow out point by point from within your own breast to cover heaven and earth: only then will it be the action of a man of power.”

Yen T’ou is saying that not only is your heart full, it will be so full that it starts radiating in all directions; the whole sky becomes filled with your flavor, with your charisma, with your presence. Those who have eyes will see it, those who have ears will hear it, those who have hearts will feel it, those who have beings, alert and aware, will immediately experience it.and be transformed, transmuted, into a totally new being - beyond misery, beyond suffering, beyond agonies - into a world of ecstasy.

You will be so full that the earth and the sky both become filled with your experience, filled with your light, filled with your energy, filled with your radiation.

Yen T’ou is right: In the future, if you want to propagate, don’t become a missionary. It is a human weakness to pretend that you are knowledgeable. It is a subtle way of humiliating people: you know, and they don’t know. So even if you have got only a little intellectual understanding, you immediately start propagating it because it gives great nourishment for your ego. You start becoming the knower, and everybody else is ignorant.

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