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Chapter 7: Be an Emperor

Maneesha has asked:

Did you call the bamboos, “poor bamboos” last night? Aren’t they the luckiest bamboos alive? - listening to one who speaks their language and knowing that our silence deepens with their every movement?

Maneesha, amongst these bamboos, there are a few poor intellectuals, Ph.D’s, D.Litt’s - I was referring to these poor people. Otherwise. Now, see. Even the intellectuals are silent. Certainly these bamboos are the luckiest in the world in this moment. Just the way you are the luckiest people in the world.

But a few intellectuals cannot resist. Even though they see so many silent people, they go on making statements. A few are journalists, a few are politicians. But the remaining ones are absolutely silent with you. Now do you see? Even the D.Litt’s are keeping their mouths shut. But that does not mean that they are silent. Once you are silent, they will start chattering.

An intellectual is incurable. He may be a bamboo. It does not matter in what form the consciousness in life has appeared.

I had to call those bamboos “poor,” Maneesha, because according to me the poorest people in the world are the intellectuals, politicians, journalists, people who have nothing but power and money. These are the poorest ones because they are missing a tremendous opportunity of rejoicing in their own being and having a dance because they have found their authentic space.

Before we go into our meditation a few laughs will help you. Laughter is a tremendously helpful method to shake off all dust from you, that everybody gathers without his knowing.

After many years of service, Father O’Reilly realizes that his assistant Patrick MacDilly is stealing from the donation box. So the next Sunday, after hearing MacDilly’s confession, Father O’Reilly says, “Patrick, besides the sins you have already confessed, don’t you have anything else to add?”

There is no reply.

“Okay, Patrick,” continues Father O’Reilly, “I will ask you straight: who is stealing from the donation box?”

There is silence.

Father O’Reilly tries again and still he is met with silence.

So then he comes out of the confession box and says to MacDilly, “Hey, I asked you a question.”

“Funny,” says MacDilly, “I did not hear anything.”

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