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Chapter 8: Fulfilling Buddhahood Right Where You Are

The blessing is in the hearing, not in the belief. Belief is pure poison; never believe a thing. Experiment, live it thoroughly so that you can say on your own authority that it is true. Never say, “I believe in it,” because that is the statement of an ignorant man. It is better to say, “I don’t know.” That at least shows your honesty; that at least shows that you are not a hypocrite; that at least shows your innocence.

But all over the world you will find people talking about things of which they know nothing. Everybody is talking about God, and there is not a single case, as a fact, of God encountering any man. They are talking about the son of God. Now almost half of the world is Christian: they believe that Jesus is the only begotten son of God. There is no sign of God anywhere.

First, God has to be proved, then it has to be proved that he has a wife, then it has to be proved that they don’t follow birth control.. There are so many practical things first to be decided!

There is no God. Still, millions of people believe that Jesus is the son of God. The whole of humanity has believed in all kinds of things, and that has kept your intelligence very low. Even your very intelligent people are on average using only fifteen percent of their intelligence. Eighty-five percent of their intelligence is a sheer wastage.

You will be happy to know that the University of Oregon did a survey about the commune: how much intelligence the commune people have and how much intelligence the average Oregonian has. They were surprised, shocked.

They did not publish the survey until after I had left and was deported from America. But now the survey is published and it says that the average Oregonian has only seven percent intelligence, and the average commune member had fourteen percent intelligence - double that of any Oregonian.

And the research is being done by the Oregonians. You might think that people who have seven percent intelligence cannot judge about people who have fourteen percent. They must have tried to bring their intelligence as high as possible. My understanding is that it cannot be more than three or four percent; seven is make-believe. And the commune people must have nearabout twenty; they were reduced to fourteen.

But still, it is so obvious that the lower intelligence destroys the higher intelligence.

Stones are very much against the flowers.

Belief is of the ignorant people who do not want to explore the truth themselves. But a man of sincerity never believes in anything - any God, any scripture, any religion. He searches.

Daikaku is giving you his method for exploring the inner world.

Those who study, even without attainment, eventually reach buddhahood.

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