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Chapter 6: Is This the Way It Is?

And I am saying a scientific truth, I am not joking; I am very serious about it. If you stand on your head for long periods of time you will become stupid, because your brain consists of a very, very delicate nervous system. Those nerves are so thin.they are thinner than hairs. Your small head has millions of nerves; you cannot see them with your naked eyes, they are so thin. If you stand on your head too long the blood rushes towards your head, and in that flood those nerves are going to be destroyed.

In fact, scientists say man attained to mind, brain, because he stood on two legs - upright. Animals have not attained to mind yet because they still go on remaining parallel to the earth. Their heads are getting too much blood; hence they cannot grow subtle nervous systems. It is only man who has been able to grow a subtle nervous system which can sustain great consciousness, which can sustain great intelligence.

It is very rare to come across an intelligent, so-called yogi - I have not come across one yet! The people who distort their bodies and do all kinds of circus tricks and stand on their heads, they may have good bodies - they can have; so much gymnastics is bound to give you a healthier body, more animallike - but they don’t have intelligence. I have yet to come across a yogi who is really intelligent, and one of the reasons is that their subtle, delicate nervous systems are too much flooded with blood.

You cannot sleep in the night without a pillow. Do you know why? - because too much blood goes into the head. It keeps your whole nervous system vibrating. You need pillows. Pillows keep the blood flow less towards the head; you can sleep, you can rest, you can relax.

By “yoga” I exactly mean the literal translation: union, communion. When you are painting or playing music or dancing or singing, then you are in a state of yoga.

In my commune, this is going to be the yoga: you have to create. And the more you create, the more you become capable of creating. The more you create, the sharper is your intelligence. The more you create, the more you become available to infinite sources of creativity - that is, God. The more you create, the more you become a vehicle - a vehicle for the magic to flow through you.

Yes, by “God” I mean the magic that surrounds you. Can’t you feel the magic that surrounds you every moment - this very moment? The birds making sounds.the trees utterly silent, in a state of meditation.and you all here together with me, from faraway countries.a silence pervading. You are utterly tuned with me, breathing with me, your hearts beating with my heart. Can’t you see the magic of the now, of the here, and the beauty of it and the benediction? This is God!

God is not found in the temples and the mosques and the gurudwaras and the churches. God is found only in the company of the buddhas, because it is only in the company of the buddhas that you become aware of the magical existence.

The third question:

Why are people so much against you ?

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