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Chapter 45: Session 45

Even Meher Baba once wrote a letter to Gandhi not exactly that he himself wrote; somebody must have written it for him, because he never spoke, never wrote, just made signs with his hands. Only a few people were able to understand what Meher Baba meant. His letter was laughed at by Mahatma Gandhi and his followers, because Meher Baba had said, “Don’t waste your time in chanting ‘Hare Krishna, Hare Rama.’ That is not going to help at all. If you really want to know, then inform me and I will call you.”

They all laughed; they thought it was arrogance. That’s how ordinary people think, and naturally it looks like arrogance. But it is not, it is just compassion - in fact, too much compassion. Because it is too much, it looks like arrogance. But Gandhi refused by telegram saying, “Thank you for your offer, but I will follow my own way”.as if he had a way. He had none.

But there are a few things about him that I respect and love - his cleanliness. Now, you will say, “Respect for such small things.?” No, they are not small, particularly in India, where saints, so-called saints, are expected to live in all kinds of filth. Gandhi tried to be clean.

He was the cleanest ignorant man in the world. I love his cleanliness. I also love that he respected all religions. Of course, my reasons and his are different, but at least he respected all religions. Of course for the wrong reasons, because he did not know what truth is, so how could he judge what was right? - whether any religions were right; whether all were right, or whether any ever could be right. There was no way.

Again, he was a businessman, so why irritate anybody? Why annoy them? They are all saying the same thing, the Koran, the Talmud, the Bible, the Gita, and he was intelligent enough - remember the “enough,” don’t forget it - to find similarities in them, which is not a difficult thing for any intelligent, clever person. That’s why I say “intelligent enough,” but not truly intelligent. True intelligence is always rebellious, and he could not rebel against the conventional, the traditional, the Hindu or the Christian or the Buddhist.

You will be surprised to know that there was a time when Gandhi contemplated becoming a Christian because they serve the poor more than any other religion. But he soon became aware that their service is just a facade for the real business to hide behind. The real business is converting people. Why? - because they bring power. The more people you have, the more power you have.

If you can convert the whole world to be either Christian or Jew or Hindu, then of course, those people will have more power than anybody ever had before. Alexanders will fade out in comparison. It is a power struggle.

The moment Gandhi saw it - and I say again, he was intelligent enough to see it - he changed his idea of becoming a Christian. In fact, being a Hindu was far more profitable in India than being a Christian. In India, Christians are only one percent, so what political power could he have?

It was good that he remained a Hindu, I mean for his mahatmahood; but he was clever enough to manage and even influence Christians like C.F. Andrews, and Jainas, Buddhists, and Mohammedans like the man who became known as “the frontier Gandhi.”

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