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Chapter 2: Just See It

In fact, if you sit down quietly one day and write down how your life has been spent up to now, you will be shocked! What have you been doing? Even small things take much of your time - shaving your beard and mustache every day. Look at women standing before the mirror for hours - even the mirrors get tired! How much time are you wasting reading the same stupid newspapers every day? It is the same story, nothing new ever happens. There is no news, it is all old - the same rape that has been happening for thousands of years.

Just the other day Sheela brought a cutting from an English newspaper. A bishop - and who else? - had been sentenced to twelve years’ jail for raping many women. That was his only work, he was doing it religiously. But this is not an exception; the poor bishop’s only fault was that he was caught, otherwise all bishops are bound to do it. They are ordained to do it, disciplined to do it! Their whole structure of life is such that it has to be phony, pseudo, double. He was living a double life, and all the rapes that he committed were committed after his beautiful, spiritual sermons. First he would sermonize about the great things of life - and celibacy must have been one of those great things of life - and then, because of his beautiful sermons, his learned scholarship and his mask of a religious holy man, he was able to get hold of all kinds of women. And they were innocent girls, fourteen, sixteen, eighteen years old. He had been doing it for years, but when you do it behind a religious screen it is easier.

A long report, a full-page story: I told Sheela, “You keep it, because this is an old thing, it has always been happening. This is what the rishis, the munis, the bishops, the saints have always been doing. This man is unfortunate.”

One of my teachers, a very beautiful old man, used to say before every examination in the school. He used to be the superintendent of the examinations. I loved that old man, his honesty, his truthfulness. He would come and tell all the students, “I am not against it if you are copying from others or if you have brought books with you or you have brought notes with you - that has nothing to do with me. My whole concern is that you should not be caught. If you are caught then you will be in difficulty, so make sure. If you are certain you will not be caught there will be no problem with me, but if you are caught then I cannot save you.”

So he would say, “I will give you five minutes. Close your eyes and ponder over the situation, and those who have brought books, notes, etcetera, to cheat with can give them to me - no notice will be taken of it. But once you decide to cheat then don’t be caught. Then be clever enough, then be intelligent enough. And remember one thing: that if you are intelligent enough you need not have those notes! So let me warn you that having those notes simply prove you are not intelligent enough, and you will be caught!”

And immediately people would start bringing their copies and notes, and he would take from almost everybody!

But I loved that old man, he was sincere. He was saying that the question is not that you are cheating, the question is that you should not be caught.

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