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Chapter 4: Learn to Breathe This Air

The only discovery of all the buddhas is that only consciousness is real, only consciousness is. You can call it godliness, you can call it enlightenment, you can call it nirvana, or whatsoever you choose to call it you can call it, but those are only names, differences in names. The message is simple and clear and loud: that we all consist of pure consciousness.

If you can stop the constant flow of thoughts even just for a moment, you will be able to see it.

The second question:

When the internal talking stops, is this enlightenment?

When the internal talking stops, who cares? Who is there to care? Who is there to raise the question, “Is this enlightenment”? If you can still ask the question, then it is internal talking continuing. If you can still see that this is enlightenment, then nothing has happened; then the mind is back from the back door. It has jumped upon your enlightenment too, and it has destroyed it.

Enlightenment is not an experience, that’s why nothing can be said about it. Enlightenment is not one of the series of experiences that you have lived through. Enlightenment is not something that happens to you like some content in the mind. When the mind is not there you don’t say, “This is enlightenment,” you don’t feel it as an experience. Rather, on the contrary, you see it as your nature. It has always been so. Just because of that internal talk you were too occupied and you could not see it. It is not a realization, it is only a recognition, a remembrance. It has always been so from the very beginning, just you had got lost into thoughts, fantasies. Now the fantasy is there no longer, you are back home. It is your home.

Enlightenment is not an experience; it is your interiority, it is you. One does not become enlightened; one comes to know that one is enlightenment, one is light, one is consciousness.

But your question is philosophical: “When the internal talking stops,” you ask, “is this enlightenment?” Don’t be philosophical about these things - these are not philosophical things. You cannot think about them, you can only be, and know. Be still, and know. If I say, “Yes, this is enlightenment” I will only be giving you an idea. That will burden your mind more, that will become part of your internal talk. Then you will not talk much about money, and women, and you may start talking about enlightenment, godliness, buddhahood. But it is the same. The object of thinking does not matter much - you can give any object, and the thinking can weave and spin around it. The question is that the thinking disappears, evaporates.

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