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Chapter 6: Only One Ecstasy

The great Tao flows everywhere,
to the left and to the right.
All things depend upon it to exist.

It is an invisible ocean of energy, of consciousness, of bliss - sat-chit- ananda - it is truth, it is consciousness, it is bliss. But even these three words are not three things. The idea of the trinity in Christianity. is beautiful, but there are not three Gods - there is only one God. Three faces. The Hindu idea of Trimurti is even more beautiful: one God with three faces. In fact, the God has as many faces as there are people.

The God means the whole. Where are you going to put the God? In the external reality or in the internal? When you love, your beloved becomes part of your internal reality. Is he or she external to you? Are you external to him or her? All those old categories start disappearing - that’s the beauty of love, because it makes you aware of the invisible unity of all.

“To its accomplishments it lays no claim.” God remains silent. Tao remains silent. It lays no claim. “It loves and nourishes all things,” with no distinctions, “but does not lord it over them.”

That is another thing so nice about Tao, about the real God: it is not bossy! The moment your God becomes bossy, your ego has entered in your God, you have falsified God. That’s how many Gods have become untrue Gods. Your mind has corrupted them. You have brought all your nonsense to the concept of God. You have poisoned the very concept.

The Tao “loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them.”

Thus the Tao is something purely helpful - never coercive. The Taoist never speaks of obedience, but only of being in harmony with the Tao. The internal and the outer are in harmony, in absolute harmony. They are notes, two notes, of the same music - two musical instruments in the same orchestra, in absolute harmony: Being in harmony is the way of Tao.

In the moment of awakening to the real, one realizes, not that one should not rebel against Tao or God, but that one simply cannot.

You cannot be otherwise! Notwithstanding what you go on believing. You may think of yourself as an individual - you are not, because you are not separate. Your thinking is just your thinking. It is a private idea. It corresponds to no reality at all and, hence, it will create misery for you.

This idea of internal and external has created much misery for man, because then people start dropping the external. That’s how the idea of renunciation arose: “Renounce the outer and be the inner!” But how can you do it?

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