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Chapter 4: The Four States of Existence

When my eyes bring the news to me that a flower has blossomed on a tree - very beautiful, very lovely - this information will not be only about the tree and the flower, but it will also include the liking of my eyes. The eyes have added their own interpretation too. The eyes will have added many things to the flower on the tree, many more colors which are not there in the flower on the tree.

You will be surprised to know that some five thousand years ago man could see only three colors: in the books written five thousand years ago only three colors have been mentioned. Later, human eyes started becoming more sensitive; now they can see seven colors.

Colin Wilson has declared in one of his great books that very soon, within four or five hundred years, man will be able to see colors which we cannot even imagine today. The eyes are becoming more and more sensitive day by day.

Colors appear with the developing of the eyes. They cannot appear if there are no eyes; the world is colorless. One who is born blind has no awareness of colors; one who is born deaf has no world of sounds - for him the world is devoid of sound.

Our knowing is through the senses. We are bound to accept what our senses convey to us because we have no other alternative. But the information that comes through the senses includes the interpretations of the sense-organs themselves. You see a face, it looks beautiful.

Then look at the same face through a microscope and you will be perplexed: the face will look so uneven, so full of pits. You will see hillocks and lakes in it; the scars of the face will look like large pits. Is the microscope telling a lie? No, the microscope is giving its own interpretation, it sees deeper than your eyes.

Then look at that same face through an X-ray machine. Now the skin will disappear, only the skeleton will be left inside. Is the X-ray giving wrong information? No, the X-ray machine is giving its own interpretation.

Which face is real? - the one you saw with your naked eyes, the one you saw through the microscope, or the one you saw through the X-ray machine? They are all giving information about the same face, all are correct, but every interpretation is partial and is dependent on the medium through which it is seen.

But is it possible to see the world without a mediator?.because truth can be known only when we see the world without a mediator. The most profound discovery of the sages is that the world known through the senses is the projection of the senses on the world as we see it; that has been called maya. What you have seen is not only the objective scene, the viewer has also contributed to the view.

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