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Chapter 5: The Pure Mind

Through food the individual body survives; through sex the body of the race. But the first is individual, because if the individual is not there then how can the race survive? - so the individual is primary, race is secondary. When you are full of energy and the body is feeling good, then immediately energy is supplied to the sex center. Now you have enough and you can share with the race. When the energy is flowing low, sex disappears. Just go on a fast of ten days, and by the tenth day you will feel that you are not interested in women. If you go on a longer fast of fifteen days, by the fifteenth day, even if very beautiful Playboy and Playgirl magazines are there you will not even be able to open them. They will lie there and dust will collect on them. You will not be tempted. By the twenty-first day, if you continue fasting, even nude women may be there dancing and you will sit buddhalike. Not that you have become buddhalike - just good food for one day, and the next day you are interested in the Playboy and the Playgirl. And by the third day, energy is flowing again: you are interested in women.

In fact, psychologists have made it a criterion: if a man is not interested in women then something is wrong. If a woman is not interested in men then something is wrong; energy is flowing low. And out of a hundred cases, ninety-nine cases they are true, they are right. Only with the hundredth case will they not be right because he will be a buddha - not that energy is flowing low; energy is the highest, at its peak, at its greatest. But now he is a different man moving in a different dimension, where he is not interested in the other because he has become so satiated with himself. There is no movement for the other - not that the energy is lacking.

When I was talking to this newcomer, I could see on his face that he is shaking his head: “No.” He has not said a single word, but I know that he is saying, “I cannot trust this.” Then he said, “But I am a believer in fasting, and I have come here because I believe in fasting. Whatsoever you are saying, I cannot feel in tune with it.”

You cannot listen because of the memory; you cannot see because of the memory; you cannot look at the facticity of the world because of the memory. Memory comes in - your past, your knowledge, your learning, your experiences - and they color reality. The world is not illusory, but when interpreted, you live in an illusory world. Remember this.

Hindus say the world is maya, illusory. When they say it, they don’t mean the world that is there, they simply mean the world that is inside you, the world of your interpretations. The world of facticity is not unreal; it is the brahman itself. It is supreme reality. But the world that you have created through your mind and memory and in which you live, which surrounds you, like an atmosphere around you - and you move with it and in it - wherever you go you take it around you. It is your aura, and through it you look at the world. Then whatsoever you are looking at is not a fact, it is an interpretation.

Patanjali says:

Nirvitarka samadhi is attained when the memory is purified, and the mind is able to see the true nature of things without obstruction.

Interpretation is the obstruction. Interpret, and the reality is lost. Look without interpretation and the reality is there, and always has been there. The reality is there every moment. How can it be otherwise? Reality means that which is real. It has not moved from its place even for a single moment. Just you live in your interpretations and you create a world of your own. The reality is common, illusion is private.

You must have heard the story, a very old, ancient Indian story.

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