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Chapter 5: That State Is Awakening

The ordinary mind is dual; it thinks in terms of twoness: light and dark, day and night, summer and winter, life and death, good and bad, moral and immoral, extrovert and introvert, the real and the unreal, the momentary and the permanent. The duality is always there; it has entered into the very fabric of our languages.

But the moment you become really awakened.and remember the word really, because we think that every morning we are awake when we come out of sleep. That is only pseudo awakening, that is only so-called awakening. The real awakening is when one becomes a Jesus, a Buddha, a Mahavira, a Lao Tzu. When one has come to see the merger of the within and the without, when one has come to see the oneness of life and death, when there is no division left, that state is awakening. Before that everybody is a little bit schizophrenic because the divided mind divides you. Then you are divided into the lower and the higher, then you are divided into the conscious and the unconscious, the body and the soul, and so on and so forth.

Carl Gustav Jung is not right at all in saying that Eastern mysticism is introvert. That is a condemnation, because in psychology the word introversion is ugly. It means somebody is morbid, it means somebody is closed to the outside reality, it means that one is not open.

Jung had come to India while a great seer was alive, Sri Ramana Maharshi, and many people told him to go and see him - but he didn’t go there. He traveled all over India, he went to see the Taj Mahal and Khajuraho Ajanta and Ellora, but he didn’t go to see Ramana Maharshi. Basically he was afraid. The fear was that a man like Ramana can become a mirror; he might see his own face, his own falseness.

But people rationalize everything. He rationalized that he didn’t go to see Ramana because the Western mind is extrovert and the Eastern mind is introvert, their approaches are different and it is better not to get them mixed, otherwise one can lose one’s path. As if he had some path! Whatsoever he was saying was a simple rationalization for not accepting the truth that he was afraid.

It is always a dangerous thing to encounter the awakened man, because immediately you can see where you are.

It is said in Arabian countries that the camel does not like to go near any mountain because he is afraid to be in the close proximity of a mountain - he will have to realize that he is nothing. Perhaps that’s why he lives in the desert where he appears to be the most mountainous animal, incomparable.

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