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Chapter 35: The Purity of Awareness

Just avoid doing anything. This is the most difficult part of meditation, but this is where real meditation begins; before it, everything is just a preparation for meditation. All the techniques of meditation are only a preparation for meditation, they are not meditation themselves. Meditation begins when you understand clearly that doing is an obstruction, and non-doing is the way to allow existence itself to possess you, to transform you, to bring a new life, a new joy, a new birth.

But unfortunately, everywhere around the world only doing is taught; non-doing is condemned as laziness. It is true in the world, non-doing is laziness. But the world outside is not all - not only that it is not all, it is the most insignificant part of the universe. The significant part is within you.

Jesus is right when he continues insisting, again and again, that the kingdom of God is within you. It is already there, complete and whole; you have to come closer to it, to feel that this is your true nature, the nature which is a magic. It does miracles to your being. It gives you insight into eternity, it takes away all fear, it takes you beyond mind into the silences of your being - which is the only temple of God there is.

I don’t want my people to be worshippers. I want them to find the god within themselves. While you are worshipping, you are doing a stupid act - you are forcing the god to worship a fiction. Your God in the skies is a lie. You are the reality; and if you want to find the foundation of all that exists, lives, you have just to go within yourself into your own home.

And this going in is not a kind of doing; you simply sit silently and you will find, slowly slowly, you are slipping - perhaps a certain magnetic force is pulling you. Allow yourself, wholeheartedly, to be pulled.don’t hold anything back. You are in the right space from where meditation can begin. You don’t need any other technique than just becoming aware of the dark space that surrounds you; and without any antagonism, without any desire to overcome it - these are by-products. It will happen, but not by your desiring; it will happen simply by your waiting, watching, and being patient.

Is it my intuition which gives me an idea about something before it actually happens - or by thinking about it, do I create the situation? Could you please talk about intuition and creating my own reality?

The faculty of intuition and the faculty of creating your own reality are absolutely, not only different, but diametrically opposite things. Intuition is only a mirror. It does not create anything, it only reflects. It reflects that which is. It is pure, silent, crystal clear water reflecting the stars and the moon. It does not create anything. It is the clarity which in the East has been called the third eye. Eyes don’t create anything, they simply inform you what is there.

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