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Chapter 30: Allow Faith to Happen

Faith is emotional, intuitive, of the heart. It has its own eyes, but those eyes are not of reason, those are the eyes of love. People say that love is blind. It is, because it has no rational eyes. But it has its own eyes, and better ones. The heart has its own reasons and they are better than rational reasons. Faith is trust, it is not belief. Faith is trust, deep love, trusting love.

And the other difference: belief is always in some idea, ideology. Faith is always personal. Faith is not in some idea but in a person.

You can say “I believe in God” - God is an idea. You cannot say “I believe in Jesus,” you can only say “I have faith in Jesus.” It is a personal love affair, it is a deep trust. Faith means faith in someone. Belief means belief in something. Faith is a deep, personal relationship. It has its own eyes, the eyes of the heart.

There are basic differences. Reason is analysis, reason is argument, reason is an intellectual process. The heart synthesizes, it is not analytical, it is not argumentative. It is intuitive.

What is intuition? When you fall in love with someone, what happens? Can you give any reason why you have fallen in love with a particular person? Why? Why is Majnu in love with Laila?

It is reported that because of the anguish of Majnu, the king of the country became very worried. Majnu was weeping, crying, going from street to street looking for Laila, his beloved.

Laila’s father had moved from the city because of Majnu. He was not willing for them to be together, he was against it. Even the king heard about the love affair, and the weeping and crying and anguish of Majnu.

He is reported to have called Majnu to the palace. He said, “You are stupid. I have seen your Laila. She is just an ordinary girl. So why are you making a fool of yourself? Look at these girls” He had called twelve beautiful girls, the most beautiful in the city. He said to Majnu, “Choose any one of them. Laila is nothing compared to any of these girls.”

Majnu said, “But how can you see Laila? To see Laila you need Majnu’s eyes. You cannot see her. You must have missed her, because Laila is incomparable. There has never been a woman like her and never will be. But I understand you. Laila can be seen only through Majnu’s eyes. You cannot see her. That is why she may have looked ordinary to you - because you don’t have my eyes.”

This is intuitive, of the heart. When you fall in love with someone, you don’t have any rational grounds. That’s why we call it falling - falling from the head. No one says that someone has risen in love with someone. “Fallen” - because we live in the head and the heart is below. When someone is in love he has fallen from the head, he has gone mad, he is “in love.”

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