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Chapter 9: Say Goodbye to Politics - Not to Science

Science can be very life-affirmative. It can create new dimensions of joy, new dimensions of comfort; it can give man more health and longer life, which can have tremendously significant implications. For example if we can give a longer life to Albert Einstein, if rather than the normal seventy-five years he can live for three hundred years, perhaps he can reach an understanding of new mysteries an understanding which may not be possible to reach the way we are doing things now. Now, those who are experienced are retired not only from their jobs, from life itself. And those who are inexperienced are welcomed with bands! Now teach them, waste time, and still you may end up with an idiot politician or a clerk in a post office. There is no guarantee that you can find another Albert Einstein in this accidental way.

And even if you can find a man of the same caliber, by the time he reaches the point where Albert Einstein has left physics, he will have to begin from abc. The xyz of physics will always remain a faraway horizon. And this is the situation in all dimensions of life. It may be science or art, poetry or drama, literature or music.

But the problem is not with the scientists and the technologists, Satish Seth; the problem is with the politicians.

As far as I can determine, Satish Seth himself is a government employee in New Delhi. All the scientists and technologists are employed by stupid politicians, because they have the power and they have the money to invest. And their interests are very mundane. I have never come across a politician and I have been around the world who is interested in Kalidas, who is interested in Mozart, who is interested in Rabindranath, who is interested in Michelangelo.

Their interests are so stupid: their interest is how to be more powerful, to dominate. Deep down the same desire is still burning that was in Alexander the Great, in Genghis Khan, in Tamerlane, in Joseph Stalin, in Adolf Hitler, in Benito Mussolini the same desire. Every power seeker is against life. And these power seekers don’t have the intelligence even to understand a painting of Picasso, or a novel of Dostoevsky, or a poem of Rabindranath Tagore.

These people dominate education according to their vested interest: how to create more slaves, how to create more obedient people. Not people who have individuality, not people who can think, but people who are just robots: when you say “left turn,” they turn left; they don’t even ask why. They are not trained to ask why, they are trained to obey.

And science has become so sophisticated.it is not the time of Galileo when a scientist could do something alone, on his own, in his own house. Now it is so complicated, it requires millions of dollars to do any research work. The scientist has to surrender either to a political investment or to a capital investment, but he is no longer free.

Naturally, we cannot condemn him.

There are hundreds of inventions lying in patent offices around the world in every country which are not being used, because their use goes against the vested interests. For example one of my sannyasins from Australia has invented a very small instrument that you put on your hand, and within five minutes it will show how much sugar is in your blood. No need to take the blood out, then send it to the laboratory so they can check it. And if you are in a city like Pune, one lab says one thing, another lab says another thing.I tried three labs and came to three results! My personal physician, Doctor Amrito, said, “What to do?”

I said, “Just find the common factor among the three. Somewhere near that.”

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