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Chapter 23: Nothing but a Dead Skeleton

So the easiest way for him is to say, “It is such a long way. It will happen but in several lives. So don’t be in a hurry, it is not something that you can manage now. Go on working, go on praying; when the time is ripe in some life it will happen.” This was just a shelter for the priest.

Watchfulness is the shortest way. It does not need lives to attain it. It needs not length of time but intensity of longing, the way you feel thirst; when you feel thirsty for truth - as if it is a question of life and death - you put your whole energy to this moment and the door is bound to open.

And remember never to think of tricks because you cannot get anywhere through tricks as far as reality is concerned.

The simple truth is that watchfulness is the shortest possible way. It cannot be made shorter.

What is expected of you in watchfulness.just try to see, nothing is expected. You already watch things, you know what watchfulness is. You watch a football match, you watch a movie, you watch the television. You know what watchfulness is, there is no need to tell you; just the same watchfulness has to be applied to the screen of the mind. Close your eyes and let your mind function as a screen of a movie or a television, and whatever passes on the mind you simply remain watchful, doing nothing, not even judging.

And this is the only miracle I know of, that as your watchfulness becomes more and more stable, the screen becomes empty. Soon the watcher is there but there is nothing to be watched, the screen is completely empty.

And when the watcher is left alone, it starts watching itself - because that is its nature, to watch.

And to watch oneself is the greatest happening in anyone’s life. Everything else happens through it - blissfulness, silence, peace, ecstasy, and finally going beyond even all these experiences and just remaining in a pure isness.

Those who have attained that pure isness have fulfilled the mission of human life.

A few days ago I watched you brushing aside a fly, and there was all the awareness, grace, love and compassion in it which were missing in Buddha’s first mechanical movement in the story you told a few days later. You even waited for the right moment to disguise the movement of your hand in a gesture illustrating your words.
I was really thrilled. Thank you, Osho.

I can understand your thankfulness because even to watch, even to see a gesture which is full of awareness and grace is a great experience, a great learning.

The master not only goes on saying beautiful things to you, he also goes on showing beautiful spaces to you. So you have to be alert not only in hearing him but also in seeing him, also in feeling him - not only his words, but his gestures; not only his gestures, but his presence. All are part of the teaching.

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