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Chapter 30: Truth: Beyond Mind, Beyond Language

The world has remained so poor in every dimension for the simple reason that we are helpless, our strings are in the hands of God. Whatever he wants, happens. Without his will not even a leaf moves in the wind. Do you see the implication of it? It means that it is a prison and we are slaves under a God whose intentions are not known, who himself has not been courageous enough to appear in the MG marketplace, to declare, “I am here, do you have any questions?”

Christians believe he created the world six thousand years ago. My question is, what was this fellow doing before that? - for eternity, just doing nothing? I used to think I am the laziest person, but this God seems to be the ultimate in laziness. And then what was the need to create this world with desires which will not be fulfilled, which will bring frustration; with love which is impure, polluted by jealousies, hence it will never blossom; with ambitions which, even when fulfilled, will leave you utterly empty, frustrated.

Do you know that as man becomes more and more civilized, more and more people commit suicide, more and more people become mad. Buffaloes never commit suicide, at least I have never heard of any buffalo doing that in the millions of years. They are so contented, chewing the same grass every day, utterly fulfilled, so saintly - no hurry, no competition, at home, at ease.

But as consciousness grows, as man starts moving upwards from the world of animals, he finds himself in hell: thousands of desires and no possibility of fulfillment. This is not the world a God who is proclaimed to be love will create. This is a world which has been created by the universe accidentally, unintentionally.

And it was not created six thousand years ago, it has always been here. Forms go on changing, but that which is the inner content of existence remains eternally the same; it knows no death.

To ask a question about God after Friedrich Nietzsche declared that he is dead is impolite. I respect Friedrich Nietzsche more than your God. But my respect never makes me blind. Only one thing is wrong in Friedrich Nietzsche: that he thought that once God was alive and now he is dead. He has never been there. It was a fiction which has become exposed; the soap bubble has burst.

Rahul’s second question is:

When you say that truth can only be realized and can’t be described, what do you actually mean?

Exactly that’s what I mean! Watch a beautiful rose, experience the beauty and then try to describe it. Nobody has been able even to define what beauty is.

Love.millions of people have loved, but when the question arises, what is love? They start looking here and there - perhaps somebody knows. You can love, you can experience, but you cannot say a single word which will be a definition of your experience.

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