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Chapter 28: We Have to Create a Golden Future

It is the future that should be your concern. It is the future and the faraway stars that will become your challenges. You have heard always about the golden past. We have to forget all about it; we have to create a golden future.

The decisive moment is coming close-by; either we have to decide to commit suicide.. If we cling with the past, then that is the only possibility. If we drop the past and the dead and start afresh from ABC, from the very scratch, writing the destiny of man, the days of the last part of this century will be of a tremendous revolution. The revolution is going to be so great that Nostradamus can be said to be right, that the world will end - the world as we have known it - and a world that we have never even dreamt of has to begin.

You are right that we cannot throw away the responsibility on some fictitious God, that he will end the world. We are perfectly aware that if a third world war happens, we will be the only responsible people to have destroyed ourselves. I think changes happen only in such dangerous and critical moments. If life goes on smoothly and comfortably great changes don’t happen, but if life comes to a place where you have to choose between death or a new style of life, I am absolutely certain you will choose the new style of life rather than the old well-acquainted death.

Yes, there is no god, and man is going to be responsible for whatever he chooses. And I trust in the deepest longing of everybody: it is for life, it is for love, it is for joy, it is for song, it is for flowers, it is for dances. It is for love.

Man cannot choose a global death.

It is an impossibility.

Yes, the old world will come to an end; Nostradamus is not going to be wrong. But his interpreters are all wrong. My interpretation is: The death of the old is the birth of the new.

A man down on his luck goes home to his wife and tells her, “Look dear, we are running out of money and we are gonna have to cut down on all the luxuries.” He then adds scornfully, “If you would just learn to cook we could fire the chef.” “In that case,” replies the woman, “if you would learn to make love we could fire the chauffeur.”

In critical moments one has to be truthful, and if things are going to change, then you have to change also. Your ways of love have to change. You have to drop old kinds of jealousies, competitions; you have to drop old values of honor, respectability, royal blood.all nonsense. You have to learn that the whole humanity is one brotherhood. The black and the white and the in-between, all are the same.

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