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Chapter 17: A Little Bit of Sky

Meditation is turning back towards the innermost core from where all has arisen - the body has arisen, the desires have arisen, the thoughts have arisen, the mind has arisen. You have to go back to the source. Religion is a return to the source - and to know the source is to know God, to know the source is to know the goal, because they are both one. To come back to your innermost core from where you had started means you have come to the ultimate where you wanted to reach - the circle is full. There is a moment where the alpha becomes the omega, and then there is fulfillment. When the circle is complete there is fulfillment.

And that is the whole teaching of The Secret of the Golden Flower, of Master Lu-Tsu. He’s trying to make the path clear to you: how the circle can be complete, how the light can circulate, how you can move inwards - how you can also have a little bit of sky, a little bit of heaven - and then you can be happy anywhere. Even in hell you will be happy.

Right now, as you are, you would be unhappy anywhere, even in heaven. You will find ways and means of being unhappy there too, because you will carry all your jealousies, all your anger, all your greed, all your possessiveness, you will carry all your rage, all your sexuality, all your repressions - you will carry this whole luggage. The moment you reach heaven, you will create hell around yourself there too, because you will be carrying the seeds of hell.

It is said that if you are pure, if you are silent, you reach heaven. The truth is just the opposite: if you are pure, if you are silent, heaven reaches you. One never goes anywhere, one is always here, but once the inside becomes full of light the whole world outside is transformed. Buddha moves in the same world in which you move, Buddha passes through the same streets as you pass, but Buddha lives in a totally different world - Buddha lives in paradise and you live in hell. You may be sitting by the side of a buddha, you may be holding his hand or touching his feet - so close yet so far away, so distant, worlds apart. What is the secret of being in heaven, of being in utter bliss, of being in benediction, of being in that splendor called God? These are the secrets:

Master Lu-Tsu said:
Your work will gradually become concentrated and mature.

The path of Tao is not that of sudden enlightenment. It is not like Zen. Zen is sudden enlightenment, Tao is a gradual growth. Tao does not believe in sudden, abrupt changes. Tao believes in keeping pace with existence, allowing things to happen on their own, not forcing your way in any way, not pushing the river in any way. And Tao says: There is no need to be in a hurry because eternity is available to you. Sow the seeds in time and wait, and the spring comes as it has always been coming. And when the spring comes there will be flowers. But wait, don’t be in a hurry. Don’t start pulling the tree upwards so that it can grow fast. Don’t be in that kind of mind which asks that everything be like instant coffee. Learn to wait, because nature is very very slow-moving. Because of that slow movement there is grace in nature.

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