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Chapter 23: Mind Is a Kind of Insanity

Unless you enter behind, or go beyond, you will not know what joy is. Joy is your nature, but the mind will not allow you to live according to your nature. The mind will interfere on every step. As mind exists today, there is no possibility for it to be a creator of joy.

But the new man may be courageous enough to leave the children in absolute freedom, help them to be on their own, help them to search whatever they want, give them questions but not give them answers, give them a quest but not give them goals. Then there is a possibility, in the future, that mind may not obstruct you from going beyond it. It cannot create joy even then, but it can allow you to move beyond without any hindrance. That is the best it can do; and beyond it you are joy, you are bliss, you are truth.

Mind is a kind of insanity because it is carrying so many impressions which are conflicting, contradictory. It has got impressions from your mother, and also from your father; and they were both fighting continuously, and they both have given their minds and heritage to you. It has got impressions from the neighbors, it has got impressions from so many teachers in the school, in the college, in the university. It is a crowd of unrelated, irrelevant, inconsistent thoughts - it does not have any organic unity. It is a miracle that somehow you go on keeping yourself together.

It would have been a great thing if God had also created a small window in your head so anybody could look inside.what is going on? And then you would have found that everybody is mad. People are holding in their madness; sometimes it becomes too much and they lose control.

According to psychologists, the madman and the normal man are not different qualitatively. The difference is only of degree: the normal man is normally mad, and the abnormal man is abnormally mad. They both are mad. One is still in control of his madness. But everybody is almost a borderline case; any moment, just a single step more, and you have stepped into the psychiatric hospital.

Paddy climbs up a flagpole and begins shouting obscenities at the top of his voice. Soon the cops come along, arrest him, and charge him with disturbing the peace. He is sent to the psychiatric hospital for an examination. “How do you explain your behavior?” asks the doctor.

“It is like this, Doc,” replies Paddy, “if I did not do something crazy once in a while, I would go nuts.”

Just watch yourself. Once in a while you are also doing something crazy; perhaps not in public.in your bathroom, otherwise you would also go nuts. A little release once in a while helps. And we have socially-accepted releases. Have you seen the people at a football match? They may not be seeing the actual football match, they may be seeing it only on the television, and you can see they are going crazy.

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