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Chapter 3: Joy Has No Cause

Singing, music, dancing, are the language of joy, of happiness. They are an expression that the person is not miserable. But it may be just an appearance, it may be just projected, it may be just cultivated; deep down the situation may be just the opposite. Sometimes it happens that you laugh because you don’t want to cry. Sometimes it happens that you smile because tears are coming and, if you don’t smile, they will start rolling down your cheeks. Sometimes you maintain an attitude, a cultivated face, a mask, that you are happy, because what is the point of showing your unhappiness to the world? That’s why people look so happy. Everybody thinks he is the unhappiest person in the world. because he knows his reality and he knows only the faces of others, the cultivated faces. So everybody deep down thinks: “I am the most miserable person, and why am I the most miserable person when everybody is so happy?”

Singing, dancing, are certainly a language of joy, but you can learn the language without knowing what joy is. That’s what humanity has done: people have learned gestures - empty gestures.

But Confucius is deceived. He says

“Master, what is the reason for your joy?”

The mask has deceived Confucius; the man may be joyful, may not be joyful. The man has to be looked into directly - through his nature, not through his expression. The expression can be false: people have learned expression. Sometimes.do you watch? Somebody is smiling - on the lips there is a beautiful smile - and look into the eyes, and the eyes say something just the opposite. Somebody says something to you, “I love you”: and look at the face, and at the eyes, and the very vibe of the person, and it seems that he hates you. But just to be polite he is saying “I love you.”

Confucius looked only at the appearance: that is the first thing to be remembered; and he was deceived - deceived so much that he called the man “master.”

He says

“Master, what is the reason for your joy?”

Now again, joy has no reason, joy cannot have a reason to it. If joy has any reason, it is not joy at all: joy can only be without any reason, uncaused. A disease has a reason, but health? Health is natural. If you go and ask the doctor “Why am I healthy?” he cannot answer you. If you go to the doctor and you say “Why am I ill?” he can answer you, because illness has a cause. He can diagnose your case, and he can find the reason why you are ill; but nobody has yet been able to find a reason why man is healthy. Health is natural, health is as it should be. Illness is as it should not be, illness means something has gone wrong. When everything is going well, one is healthy. When everything is in tune, one is healthy. When one is harmonious with the whole, one is healthy. There is no reason for it.

But Confucius asked

“Master, what is the reason for your joy?”

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