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Chapter 10: Exactly in the Middle

If it is difficult, competition is possible. If it is difficult, fight and war are possible. If it is difficult, then politics is possible. Then only a few are going to reach, not all. You can fight, you can plan, you can maneuver, you can invent strategies to pull others’ legs and not to allow them to reach, to use others’ heads as steps so that you can reach.

And if it is so difficult that only one can reach, then you will feel very thrilled: you can be that one! A possibility is there that you can be that one, that special one. That’s why people are interested in becoming the prime minister of India or the president of America. Why? Do you think they gain something? All that they gain is they reach a place where only one can reach - that’s all. It is such a stupid game, but the joy is that out of millions of people only one can reach there. That’s the only joy. Nothing is achieved! And only fools are attracted. But ego is foolish. And the greater the fool, the greater the ego - and vice versa: the greater the ego, the greater the fool.

The foolish man’s whole interest is in the difficult. Make things difficult and he becomes interested. People solve crossword puzzles just for that one single reason - because it is difficult.

When I say it is easy, it is so easy, that you are not even needed to move your hands, you need not even go outside your room.so says Lao Tzu. It is so easy that you need not even open your eyes. It is so easy that it can happen in a single moment. It is so easy that you need not compete, need not practice, need not cultivate.. Just watch inside: when I am saying it is so easy that it is possible just now, you start losing interest in it. Your ego says, “Then what is the point? If it is so easy that everybody can achieve it, then it is not worth it.”

Just think: if there were Kohinoor diamonds on every beach of the ocean, and they were just like pebbles, available everywhere, would there be any value in the Kohinoor diamond? The value is there only because it is the only one. There is no other diamond like it. It is rare, so rare that only one can possess it.

Man’s ego always wants the difficult. Make things difficult and many people will become interested. That’s why more people are interested in Yoga - it is a difficult gymnastics. People are interested in difficult things. You can make them do anything. If you tell them: “Stand on your head for thirty years,” they will stand. Just one joy has to be there, that nobody else has been able to stand on his head for thirty years: “I am the only one - I am the Kohinoor diamond. I am no ordinary person.”

When I say it is easy, I kill your ego, I destroy your ego. I pull the very earth from underneath your feet. You fall flat on the ground.

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