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Chapter 11: These Creatures Are Found Everywhere

You are saying, “So far I have been fighting her for my small portion of the truth.” Don’t fight. Nobody can have any portion of truth. Either one has the whole of it or one has none. Just please give it up why torture yourself? Truth cannot be divided. And you are not asking much, just a small portion, but a woman and particularly a woman who is my disciple is absolutely non-compromising. She has put you right in your place.

You are asking me! And the thing has happened long before..

“Since your statement the other night about wanting many women masters, I thought maybe I should just give up my fight and totally surrender, become absolutely henpecked.”

A tremendously great insight! Almost a revelation!

Hymie Goldberg is drunk again, sniffing and spluttering in the bar.

“For eighteen years,” he says to his friend Moishe, “for eighteen years, me and my wife were the happiest people in the world!”

“What happened?” asks Moishe.

“Then,” sobs Hymie, “we met!”

“I have been thinking it over, dear,” says Hymie Goldberg, “and I want you to know that I have decided to agree with you.”

“It won’t do any good,” snaps Becky, “because I have just changed my mind.”

To live with a woman is the world’s worst horror.

.Niskriya is enjoying, because one woman tortured him for almost five months, it took him five months to get rid of her. But he could not enjoy his freedom long enough. Just a few minutes, and another woman jumped up. And now he gets free every day, and by the evening he is enslaved again. I wonder why people torture poor Niskriya when there are so many others. He is so simple that he never says no to anybody, so any woman gets hold of him and he has to surrender.

He is tired.the whole day working with his camera, he is a great scientist, working.because once I mentioned that in the future there will be cameras giving three-dimensional pictures. Since then he has been working on producing three-dimensional pictures. It was very difficult but he has managed. A German, after all, is a German. He could not manage one camera; he joined two cameras, and two cameras take the photographs.

And it is a hard job, each time to bring those two cameras together, and separate them, and bring them together, and separate them.

And then many people to whom he showed his first results.they all said, “Very great, good,” and to me they said, “We see nothing, but we don’t want to hurt his feelings.”

I said, “This is a great joy! He is showing people three-dimensional pictures, and they see nothing, and they say ‘Great, Niskriya, you have done it!’”

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