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Chapter 20: Democracy Is Yet to Happen

No, there is no question of worry. We will be fighting.

You’ll be fighting?

We really enjoy fighting.

So you’ll be fighting it legally in.


You said some time ago that you’d like to visit Australia, particularly West.


Do you think you’ll still go down there?


Do you think the local townspeople in the small town of Pemberton should be worried about the Rajneeshees?

They are unnecessarily worried. They should be happy, because we do no harm to anybody. We mean no harm to anybody. We are so absorbed in our own life and joy that we don’t at all have any time for others. They should be happy that a joyous group has joined them. They can learn much from my people; they can learn how to laugh, how to dance, how to sing, and how to make life a paradise.

Do you think you have a paradise on earth here?

Yes, we have, and you can go around this paradise and you will find only joy and love.

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