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Chapter 2: Waiting, Just Waiting

Hence my insistence again and again: never use the word work in relation to me, let it be pure play. I am enjoying myself, you also please enjoy yourself being here. And if it becomes possible for you to also enjoy, there will be a great communion. These two joys will meet, and out of that joy is great creativity. Out of that joy a new world, a new vision, is born. But that is not the goal, it is just a by-product. You have not even to think about it, it happens on its own. Remember the word by-product. It is not a consequence but a by-product - just by the side. It happens, it certainly happens; in fact, it never happens any other way. Whenever energies meet in joy there is transformation.

This is a buddhafield or the field of joy, sat chi anand. Pour your energy in joy, but forget about gaining anything out of it. Drop the profit motive and you will gain much. The more you forget about gaining, the more is the gain; the more you think about the gain, the less. If you become too obsessed about gaining, you will remain empty and you will remain in misery. Hell is greed. Heaven is non-greed. Hell is motivated work. Heaven is sheer joy, play. Sing with me, dance with me, be silent with me. Enjoy this moment - no past, no future, just this moment. And there is great benediction.

Work, or action, is part of willing, it is part of will. Will is struggle: you are in conflict with existence. You want to do something: naturally you are tense, naturally you are afraid whether you are going to make it or not. And out of a hundred, ninety-nine chances are that you are not going to make it, because whenever you are in a state of will you fall apart from the whole. Then you are nourishing a private goal, then you are not part of the cosmos - you are trying to do something on your own. In that struggle, in that conflict, you are going to be a loser. You can’t win against the whole.

It is as if a small wave is trying to have its own way against the whole ocean. The wave has gone completely neurotic. It exists with the ocean, in the ocean, as the ocean; it is not separate, there is no division - it can’t have its own will. If all the waves are going toward the east, it cannot go toward the west. Howsoever big and tidal the wave is, it cannot move against the whole. It is not separate, so how can it move against the whole? It is part of a great dance, an organic part. If the whole is going to the east, it is going to the east; if the whole is going to the west, it is going to the west.

To have a will creates work in life, and then you are frustrated again and again. You will succeed only once in a while, and that too will not be your success. Only once in a while, it will be just coincidental that you also will to go to the east when the whole is going to the east. If it is coincidence that you meet the whole, you go to the east and you succeed. But it is always the whole that succeeds, never the part. And that’s where every man is caught: Every man wants to succeed as himself. The success has to be the imprint of his ego; it has to have his signature. He is more interested in his signature than in the success itself.

Play is a state of no-will. Play is not doing but being. Work is calculative thinking, cunning, clever, logical - you are trying to grab something out of existence, you are trying to cheat. And remember, in the very effort of that cheating you will be cheated. You are committing suicide. Play is innocent, it is non-calculative. It is not worried about the future, about the outcome; it is not interested at all. Its whole interest impinges upon this moment; it is herenow.

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