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Chapter 39: The Journey from Despair

The whole wisdom he had asked for - and this is the essence of the whole of wisdom: This too will pass.

And as it happened, the horses must have turned some other way, and he heard their steps going farther and farther away.

He gathered his army again, won back his country, and there was great celebration all over the capital because they had become again independent. He was garlanded, his chariot was full of flowers, and people were throwing flowers in joy, and dancing and singing. At that moment he again took off his diamond ring and read the sentence: This too will pass. And this moment became his enlightenment.

Sadness comes, joy comes, and everything passes by.

What remains always is the witness.

The witness is beyond all polarities.

It is the transcendental element in existence.

No matter what I am doing, after a while I become bored. How can I maintain excitement about my worship?

Anybody who wants to maintain excitement is bound to get bored. Just remember: This too will pass!