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Chapter 10: Only Reflecting, But Not Identifying

To me the easiest door is whatever you find joyful. Dance, sing.and while dancing and singing, be aware.

Don’t be lost and don’t be identified.

The old habit of the mind is to be identified with anything. Whatever is happening the mind gets immediately identified. The mind does not function like a mirror, it functions like a film. Whatever comes in front of it becomes imprinted on it. The mirror remains empty. People come and go, ups and downs.the mirror does not lose itself in any identity.

Here, I teach you celebration, rejoicing, because I know that is the door closest to your ultimate awakening. A man full of joy is close to existence. Greater is his joy, less is the distance between him and the heart of the universe.

In your agony you are alone; far away is the heart of the universe. Your agony has created the distance. So when you are in agony - it is human and once in a while it happens - remain alert. And if you have been able to remain alert when the dance was descending on you and flowers were showering on you, it won’t be difficult at all to be aware when something has gone wrong. You can be a watcher - standing aside, unidentified.

This is the way of the mirror. And this is the way of those who have known human nature more deeply than your so-called religions and psychoanalysts, your so-called wise people. But it is up to you. If you enjoy self-torture, then choose moments of misery for the practice of awareness. But if you are understanding and intelligent, you will choose the easiest and the closest way.

Anyway, whatever you choose the result is the same: awareness will make you free from identification. You can try both; a few people get lost when they are happy. Perhaps for them it is difficult to be aware when they are happy. The mind says, “What is the need of awareness? In such a blissful, happy moment don’t bring religion in. You are young, and you are healthy, and you are in love, what is the need for the church at this moment?” Yes, when you have become old, one foot in the grave then you remember God - but it is too late; then you pray to God - but it is too late.

Just the other day, Anando showed me a picture of a very famous Christian missionary, an old man of thirty years’ standing. He had been giving television sermons, and millions of people were listening to him every Sunday. Now he has been caught coming out from a prostitute’s house. He did the right thing: he appeared on the television, tears in his eyes.. I looked at the picture, and I could not believe that at this age he is weeping. Millions of viewers felt sympathy for the old man, and he is saying, “I will ask God to forgive me, and you to forgive me. I have been going to prostitutes all these years. Now for three months I will not speak as a penance.” But most probably during these three months he will visit prostitutes. What else will he do? God is always available. Today, or three months afterwards, you can ask forgiveness.

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