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Chapter 6: The Meaning of Responsibility

And your opinions? What opinions do you have? Are you here to express your opinions? Or to come to a point of silence, meditativeness, where all opinions disappear - just a clarity, a vision to see. Opinion belongs to the blind. It is mere opinion; it has no solidity in it. The man of clarity has no opinions. He has the truth. And in my commune only truth has the right to decide. If you want to be decisive, become enlightened first; otherwise, you will simply create a suicide for the commune.

From the morning till twelve o’clock in the night, I am engaged in unnecessary things. That’s why I am twenty minutes late. You are responsible for it. I have never been twenty minutes late, ever.

But if you don’t allow me to sleep, you don’t give me a chance to rest, then it is going to happen. So before I start answering the question, the question of questions is: From today, can you start working on your own, as fully, as totally, as intensively as possible?

You have to prove to Sheela and all those who think in fascist terms, that a loving commune can be more creative, can be more productive, can be a more joyous phenomenon.

If you cannot prove that, then Sheela is right. Perhaps you drove her into being a dictator.

Samya was there last night, tired. I have never seen her so tired before - she is always laughing, joyous - because the whole day you have been torturing her. One sannyasin will not leave her office, because he wants to see all the books - what has happened, what is going to happen. He wants to give his opinion on every matter.

Do you think this man is behaving in any other way than dictatorial? He has been persuaded three times to leave, and he will come back again - he will not leave unless all his answers are being accepted, and all his questions are being answered.

Is this the way of love? Is this the way that you can prove dictatorship is not the right way? This is proving that dictatorship is the right way. This man never tortured Sheela. Where has he been for these four years, with all his opinions? For four years he was a mouse, and now suddenly he has become a lion.

And five thousand lions cannot live together.

Then the only way is to reduce the lions back to mice, and they will be happy. Only I will be unhappy that my people are not capable enough to be lions.

So from today, everybody has to do better than he was doing before. Everybody has to reach to his worship. These excuses won’t do - that “I did not feel like it; I wanted to sleep a little longer.” But what about the last four years? - four years you always did feel to go, and now suddenly a great transformation has happened to you. If Sheela wanted you to work fourteen hours a day, you worked.

Samya and Hasya are trying in every possible way to reduce your work hours, but not the quality of the work, not the outcome of the work.

You were listening to me only on alternate days, and you were happy. Hasya immediately changed that, and you are listening to me every day. You have not thanked her.

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