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Chapter 7: Empty from Birth to Death

That day when those two Cretan women, holding my hand with great love, said to me, “We are not against you. We love you and we want you to stay here,” they represented the real consciousness of the people. And then I saw at the airport, that three thousand people - it must have been the whole population of Saint Nicholas - came to show their support, and to show that they are not with the brutality and nazi actions of the police against me, that they are for me.

Yes, it has to be one of my works to awaken people to the real situation: you are being exploited in different names. The exploiters even call themselves public servants, to tell you that they serve you. For thousands of years they have been serving - and the people are in immense misery, ignorance. They don’t have anything to their life; they are born, they somehow live, and they die. Nothing happens to them which could be called ecstatic, which could be called an experience. Empty from birth to death, hollow - nothing flowers, nothing blossoms.and they have all the potentiality of being a song of joy. But these bureaucracies, religious and political, would not allow it. They are so afraid of joyous people.

It was a strange feeling for me in the beginning. I had never thought that people should be so afraid of joyous people. Slowly slowly, I became aware that joy has many implications: A joyous person is not retarded. A joyous person is intelligent. A joyous person knows the art of life; otherwise he cannot be joyous. And a joyous person is dangerous to all those vested interests which go against humanity.

Those interests want humanity to live in hell forever. They have managed in every possible way to keep you in misery. They destroy everything that you can rejoice in, and they give you ample opportunity to be miserable. A miserable person is not a danger to this rotten society.

Yes, it has to be one of my basic works to make people aware that the powerful ones - either religious or political - are not your friends. They are your enemies. And unless the common humanity goes through a rebellion against all types of bureaucracies man will remain stuck, not evolving, not reaching to the heights which are his birthright.

Has anyone really understood your message of love? Recently it has been painfully clear to me that I haven’t, and I wonder if we aren’t all, with some slight variations on the theme, still singing the same old song.

Why is it so difficult to live something that is so simple and natural?

Just because it is so simple and so natural, that’s why it is so difficult.

You are not simple and you are not natural. And it is simple and natural. My message of love is absolutely simple; nothing can be more simple than that. But your mind is very complex, very tricky. It makes simple things complicated - that’s its work. And for centuries it has been trained for only one thing: to make things so complicated that your life becomes impossible.

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