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Chapter 12: The Song of the Tide

And it is not that you have to dance only with me. I only give you the key; then, dance with the wind, dance with the sun, dance with the trees, and everywhere you will find me dancing with you. That’s a promise.

Ordinarily, I never give promises.

Isn’t enlightenment another idea like heaven? Why should it be that once you are enlightened you are never born again? Life is so juicy and such a blast, it seems crazy to become enlightened and never come back again.

So then don’t get enlightened! Who is forcing you to become enlightened? Just get lost!

Do you know what you are saying? Do you understand the implications of it? I know what your life is, and I know what you are calling juicy. It is nothing but Coca-Cola. I have known your life, that’s why I can say that. I have been in the same space where you are.

When you become enlightened, it is not another idea like heaven, because you never become heaven. Have you ever heard of that, somebody becoming heaven? Heaven is a hope for all those who are miserable and are living in hell. It is for Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Mohammedans; it is not for my people.

Enlightenment is a state of your own being.

It is not somewhere else far away above the clouds; it is within you. It simply means you start feeling and experiencing life itself. And it is luminous, hence the word enlightenment.

You have no idea of your own life, so what juice are you experiencing? Making love to a woman? That is making coffee - and with so much trouble. When there is instant coffee available, why are you doing these gymnastics?

A drunkard was roaming around the beach, and he saw a man, a wrestler, doing push-ups. He was very much puzzled. Finally, he could not contain himself; he went to the wrestler and said, “Friend, your girl has escaped! I also do these push-ups,” he said, “but I always do them with my girl. What are you doing?”

You say, “Life is so juicy.” Is it really so? Then why are you here? What is the search? What are you seeking? It is not juicy. Yes, once in a while you may get a moment of blissfulness, but that moment makes you more miserable. If misery is continuous you become accustomed to it. Man’s adaptability is almost infinite. If you are in suffering, and suffering remains constant, you settle for it, you start taking it for granted.

Here, perhaps you may have some moments when another dimension of being enters you. For a moment you are no longer in suffering, in misery, in jealousy, in greed, in fear, in any kind of paranoia. For a single moment you are where the enlightened person remains twenty-four hours a day. He cannot fall from that state.

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