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Chapter 8: There Is Nothing Opposite to Enlightenment

That’s why many people left him who were really more intelligent than him. Adler left him for the simple reason that he had found a better explanation for dreams. He said there are a few dreams which are sexual, but all dreams are not sexual, because all men’s desires are not sexual. And man goes on repressing all his desires, so his dreams cannot be only sexually interpreted. This is absolutely rational. He left the group and Freud condemned him, said that he betrayed him.

But was it a religion? What is the meaning of betrayal? Science knows no betrayal. You have to argue with Adler, prove your thesis amongst your colleagues. And whoever comes closer to truth - it doesn’t matter who is coming closer - has to be accepted. But no, Freud was very dictatorial: he knows the truth.

This is something which comes as a heritage with every Jew. From Moses to all the prophets, to John the Baptist, to Jesus, to Sigmund Freud, to Karl Marx, the same trend and the same attitude: “We are the only possessors of truth, it is our monopoly. We are the chosen people of God”. These are different versions of the same theme.

Moses has contaminated the Jewish mind so much that even people like Marx, who deny religion, are unaware completely that they are still in the hands of Moses.

Sigmund Freud was afraid of Jung because he was just next to him, and people had started talking about Jung, saying that he is going to be the successor. That made Freud very much afraid - successor? Jung was not agreeing with all his theories, hypotheses, and if he becomes the successor - he was young, Freud was getting old - he will destroy the whole of psychoanalysis and the movement. And it is not only a movement, it is a question of a Jewish business firm.

Freud expelled Carl Gustav Jung from the movement while he was alive, so nobody could in any way change anything. His word was holy. This is not a scientific attitude. And he certainly created one of the biggest businesses of the century. But Jews are known to do this.

Jesus created the biggest business of the whole history. Jews cannot forgive themselves. They unnecessarily crucified this poor carpenter’s son. They should have used him, and right now rather than there being millions and millions of Christians, there would have been millions and millions of Jews. Jesus created the biggest religious establishment. Sigmund Freud did the same, Marx did the same. Jewishness has something in it: the art of creating established businesses. So no psychoanalyst has the guts even to face me. If you have anybody, you can bring him.

What about the farthest remembrance you have of yourself?

That is very difficult, because I remember even my past lives. You mean this life?

Any remembrance?

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