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Chapter 32: Water into Wine Is Not the Real Miracle

So Jesus had been in India before, also, and after the crucifixion he was back again. He knew that in India nobody bothers about these things. If you say you are a messiah, they may say, “Perfectly good - remain one!” Nobody will feel offended. In fact they themselves think they are messiahs, so what is the problem? “You are god, we are god - perfectly good. Shake hands! It is always better to be two than just one!”

Thomas adapted himself completely to the Hindu way of life. He changed his clothes; he was even wearing the Hindu thread that symbolized the Hindu. He was using the red mark on his forehead that symbolizes a certain sect of Hindu. He shaved his head, and he was using wooden sandals which only Hindu monks use. He tried to learn from Hindu masters whatever he could manage. And he tried in the south of India to teach Christ translated into Hindu terms, and he succeeded.

Kerala - the province where Thomas lived, is ninety percent Christian. But he never claimed that he was a prophet or anything. In India these things don’t matter. There are prophets on every street, gods in every bazaar. Nobody takes note of it; it is their personal problem. If somebody thinks he is a god, it is his personal problem.

So the resurrection is absolutely false; but for two thousand years these have been the pillars. In all these pillars of Christianity there is nothing which can be said to be spiritual.

And now Christian theologians are having a conference in Europe to decide that these things should be dropped because they make the religion look childish. There are religions which have such high flights of consciousness, much deeper insights into human beings.

It is Jesus who is responsible for Christian fanaticism because he said to his followers, “Soon you will be with me in paradise.” I like the word soon, but I cannot stretch it to two thousand years - a few days maybe, but not two thousand years. “And at the judgment day I will choose those who follow me, these are my sheep, and they will enter into paradise; and those who don’t follow me, they will fall into eternal darkness and hellfire forever. There is no rescue from there.” Just an absurd thing.

You can see the absurdity. In Christianity there is only one life - seventy years. One third of it goes in sleeping, one third goes into education. Of the remainder, much goes into earning bread and butter; whatever little is left goes in nagging, fighting, watching the television, shaving your beard twice a day. You don’t have much time to commit sin. What sin will you commit? - time is needed.

Bertrand Russell is right. He says, “If the strictest judge decides about the sins which I have committed, and also includes those that I have only contemplated, not committed, he cannot send me to jail for more than four and a half years.” And Christianity sends you to hell as a punishment for your sins for eternity. There can be no justification. It is the most absurd idea that any religion has ever produced.

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