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Chapter 12: The Total Man

Religion is like a bird's-eye view: the hills, the rivers, the trees, the people - all are included. That is the beauty of religion: it is not a specialized field. And that is why there is great hope that religion will have to be revived to its true nature, resurrected, because now sciences, philosophy, politics, they have all become so fragmentary that nobody knows what is actually happening. The physicist is not aware of what the chemist is doing, the chemist is not aware of what the mathematician is doing, the mathematician is not aware of what the politician is doing. That is how the atom bomb happened: the physicists went on pursuing, and they were doing right as far as they were concerned. To know about atomic energy is one of the great revelations.

Albert Einstein, the man who was most responsible for making us know about atomic energy, wrote a letter to the American president, not knowing anything at all about politicians. And his whole life he felt great guilt; he felt himself responsible for all that happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Of course, whatsoever he did.he was not aware, he was not at all conscious about the politician, his mind, his cunningness. He himself wrote a letter, saying, “Why don't we make atom bombs? Now the secret is there, and America can use the energy in many creative ways. It can transform the whole scene on the earth. It can make man for the first time really rich, healthy; in every possible way atomic energy has the possibility to transform the whole earth into a paradise.”

The American politicians jumped on the secret immediately, but what they did was totally different: the earth has not been transformed into a paradise; it has become uglier than it was before.

In fact, there is no justification at all for dropping atom bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan, because Japan was already losing its fight, they were losing the war. It was only a question of days; maybe the war would have continued two weeks or four weeks more without dropping the atom bomb. And American politicians were in a hurry: before the war ends they have to throw the bomb to see what power they have gained through atomic energy, whether it is worthwhile or not. Thousands of people died, innocent people. Even this justification that it was needed to end the war is not true. The war was ending on its own; the German and the Japanese resources were finished. They were going to surrender; it was only a question of a few hours or at the most a few days. In a hurry the atom bomb was dropped on two cities and two cities were reduced into deserts within seconds.

Albert Einstein felt the weight of the crime on his own heart; his whole life he remained sad. And when he was dying he was asked if he were born again whether he would like to be a physicist again. He said, “Never, never again! I would like rather to be a plumber!”

Can you see the point of it all? The politician has taken over whatsoever science has discovered. The same has been done in America, the same has been done in Russia. Now the politician has become so powerful that there is every possibility that any madman - and they are all, almost all, mad people - can destroy the whole earth.

A scientist himself delivered the secret; it could have been prevented. But the scientific pursuit is one-dimensional.

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