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Chapter 6: I Am a Destroyer

Two great mystics of India, Kabir and Farid, met, and for two days sat silently together. The disciples were very much frustrated: they wanted them to talk, they wanted them to talk so that they could hear something valuable. They were hoping, for months they were hoping, that Kabir and Farid would meet and there would be a great showering, and they would enjoy it. But they were just sitting silently, and the disciples were dozing, yawning. “What to do? And what has happened to these two people?” - because they were never silent before: Kabir was never silent with his disciples and neither was Farid silent with his disciples, they were continuously hammering on their disciples. “Why? What has happened? Have they gone dumb?” - but they could not say anything, it was not appropriate.

After two days, when Kabir and Farid hugged each other and said goodbye - that too in silence - and when the disciples were left with their masters, they jumped upon their masters. And the followers of Kabir said, “What went wrong? And for months we have been waiting for Farid to come, and he came, and you never spoke a single word. And we were waiting and waiting.we got tired! These two days have been hell!”

And Kabir laughed. He said, “But there was nothing to say, he can understand silence. If I had said anything he would have thought me ignorant, because when silence is there and silence can say it, what is the use of words?”

And the followers of Farid asked Farid, “What happened? Why didn’t you speak?”

Farid said, “Are you mad? Speaking with Kabir? We are exactly at the same space, so there is nothing to convey, nothing to say! The moment I looked into his eyes and he looked into my eyes, we recognized. The dialogue finished at the first moment!”

“Then for two days.what were you doing for two days?”

And Farid said, “We were just enjoying each other, each other’s space; we were guests to each other. We overlapped each other, we overflowed each other, we mingled with each other. We danced, we sang, but it all happened in silence. When silence can speak, what is the need of language?”

I am continuously at a loss for words. Each word I utter very hesitatingly, knowing well that it is not going to suffice, it is not adequate. Nothing is ever adequate. Truth is so vast and words are so small.

Enough for today.