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Chapter 5: The Meeting of Sun and Moon

But I would like to tell you that nobody knows all about sex yet. Unless God is realized you cannot know all about sex, because God is the final possibility of sex energy - the ultimate transformation of sex energy. Unless you know who you are, you will not be able to know what sex really is in its totality. You will not be able to comprehend it. Only a part of it is known, the sun part. The moon part is not even known yet; the psychology for the feminine energy has yet to evolve. Freud and Jung and Adler and others, whatsoever they have been doing is more or less centered around man. Woman as yet remains an uncharted territory. The moon center, even the moon center, is not yet a known fact.

A few people have had a few glimpses.for example Jung had a few glimpses. Freud remained completely sun-oriented. Jung moved a little toward the moon, of course, very hesitatingly because the whole training of the mind is scientific, and to move toward the moon is to move in a world totally different from science. It is to move in the world of myth, it is to move in the world of poetry, imagination, it is to move in the world of “irreason,” illogic.

Let me tell you a few things; Freud is sun-oriented, Jung is leaning a little toward the moon. That’s why Freud was very angry with his disciple Jung. And Freudians are very much annoyed by Jung; it seems he betrayed his master.

The sun-oriented person always feels that the moon-oriented person is dangerous. The sun-oriented person moves on the clean-cut superhighways of reason, and the moon-oriented person starts moving in labyrinths. He starts moving in the wilderness, where nothing is clear-cut - everything is alive, but nothing is clear-cut.

And the greatest fear for man is woman. Somehow man suspects that death is going to come from woman, because life has also come from her. Everybody is born out of a woman. When life has come from woman, then somehow death is also going to happen through her, because the end always comes to meet the beginning; only then is the circle complete.

In India, in Indian mythology, we realized it. You must have seen pictures or statues of Mother Kali, who is the symbolization of the feminine mind, and she is dancing on the body of her husband, Shiva. She has danced so terribly that Shiva is dead, and she goes on dancing. The feminine mind has killed the male mind; that is the meaning of the myth.

And why is she painted black? That’s why she is called Kali; kali means black. Why so dangerous? In one of her hands she is carrying a freshly cut head with blood dripping from it - almost a personification of death. She is dancing wildly, on the chest of her husband, and the husband is dead and she goes on dancing in great ecstasy. Why is she black? Because death has always been thought of as black, as a dark, black night.

And why has she killed her husband? The moon always kills the sun. Once the moon arises in your being, logic dies; then logic cannot remain, then reason cannot remain. Now you have attained a totally different dimension.

You never expect logic from a poet. You never expect logic from a painter, from a dancer, from a musician. They move in a totally dark world; they move in darkness.

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