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Chapter 18: Logic Is a Prostitute

A machine can be a better prime minister, a better president - machines don’t commit mistakes. And if a machine goes wrong, it can be repaired; you just have to send it to the workshop and the parts can be changed.

In America twenty percent of the presidents have been murdered - and twenty percent is not a small percentage. Why have twenty percent of the presidents been murdered? These were the most beautiful presidents, Abraham Lincoln, Kennedy.

President Truman, who destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki unnecessarily, who was the greatest killer in the history of humanity, was not murdered. Ronald Reagan is not going to be murdered. The uglier the person is, the less is the possibility that he will be murdered. The people who were really nice, the people who really wanted to do something good for humanity, for the country were removed - they were going against the vested interests.

Machines will be very polite. If you remove them they will not resist; you will not need to shoot machines, murder machines. But what is the point? Even if machines are more efficient, for whom are they working? If they are destroying men these machines cannot be allowed.Every government has to be aware that man’s dignity should not be destroyed. Machines should be used in places where it is dangerous for man to work, but not in places where man enjoys working, feels of some use to society. If you give him unemployment wages he starts feeling useless, a burden - how can he live this nightmare?

I can teach this man to use that time for great inner exploration - but I am being prevented from entering every country.

If you really want to use machines in place of man, then man has to be given some new adventures. Just unemployment wages won’t help; he has to be given meditations, he has to be prepared for an inner journey to explore himself. Perhaps that can be a great benediction.

But these people are afraid of meditation also, because meditation will make people more alert, more aware of their rights, of their birthrights. Meditation will make them more conscious that they are not machines and that machines are defeating them. They will not tolerate these machines; that’s the fear.

Countries are making laws to prevent me from entering. I am not a terrorist. You can see the insanity of the world: the German government allowed all the terrorists of Europe - skinheads, punks and all kinds of idiots - to have a world conference in Germany. These people are making bombs, these people are creating terror everywhere, killing people. These people are allowed.I am not allowed into Germany.

You can see the mind: I am more dangerous to them than all these terrorists. And they are having a world conference.? No, they are not afraid of terrorists; they have enough armies for them, they have enough weapons for them. They are afraid of an unarmed man who simply teaches people to love, to be silent, to be blissful.

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