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Chapter 7: The Obstacles to Meditation

How can you relate Buddha and Heraclitus? - but the same principle. Buddha never heard of Heraclitus; Heraclitus we cannot imagine ever knew about Buddha. They lived in separate worlds. There was no communication. But both gave to the world the same principle of flow, of riverlike existence, of momentary existence. They are not causing each other, they are parallel. A synchronicity exists as if the whole existence at that moment wants to produce a certain principle and wants to make it manifest - it manifested, and it will not depend only on Buddha or only on Heraclitus: it will try many. And there were others also, who went into oblivion: they were not so prominent. Buddha and Heraclitus became the most prominent. They were the most forceful masters.

In the days of Patanjali, a principle was born. You can call it the principle of prana - bioenergy. In China it took the form of acupuncture, in India it took the form of the whole system of yoga. How does it happen that when the body energy is not flowing rightly you feel discomfort? A gap exists in you, an absence, and you feel something is missing. This is dis-ease in the beginning. First it will be felt in the mind. As I told you, first it will be felt in the unconscious.

You may not be aware of it but it will come first in your dreams: in your dreams you will see illness, disease, somebody dying, something wrong. A nightmare will happen in your unconscious because the unconscious is nearest to the body and nearest to nature. From the unconscious it will come up to the subconscious, then you will feel irritated. You will feel that the stars are wrong, whatsoever you do goes wrong. You would like to love a person, and you try to love but you cannot love. You would like to help somebody, but you only hinder. Everything goes wrong.

You think it is some bad influence, some star high in the sky. No, it is something in the subconscious, some discomfort - and you get irritated, angry, and the cause is somewhere in the unconscious. You are finding the cause somewhere else. Then the cause comes to the conscious. Then you start feeling that you are ill, and then it moves to the body. It has always been moving to the body, and suddenly you feel ill.

In Russia a photographer, a rare scientist, Kirlian, has discovered that before a person becomes ill, six months before, the illness can be photographed. And this is going to be one of the greatest discoveries in the world of the twentieth century. It will transform the whole concept of man, disease, medicine, everything. It is a revolutionary concept, and he has been working for thirty years; and he has almost proved everything scientifically - that when a disease comes to the body, first it comes to the electric aura around the body. A gap comes.

You may be going to have a tumor in the stomach after six months. Right now no basis exists. No scientist can find anything wrong with your stomach; everything is okay, there is no problem. You can be checked thoroughly and you are alright. But Kirlian photographs the body on a very sensitive plate - he has developed the most sensitive plates. And on that plate not only your body is photographed, but around the body a light aura which you carry always. And in that aura, near the stomach, there is a hole in the aura. It is not exactly in the physical body, but something is disturbed.

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