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Chapter 6: Love and Happiness

If you quarrel with nature you will never move close to God; rather, you will move further and further away from him. But we have always been taught to fight with nature; we have always been told that God is against nature. The spiritual poverty of man is the result of this conflict.

Man has been told to seek God by fighting his nature - but God is in his nature and his nature is in God. There is no God separate or aloof from nature. God and nature intermingle.

In their antagonistic attitude to nature educational systems have stolen from man the ladder that leads him to God. Nature is the bridge. You don’t stop on a bridge, you use a bridge to cross over. You don’t quarrel with a bridge that leads to your destination. And there is no other route.

You have to love nature; you have to love it with all your heart. Love is the only force that can throw open the gates to God. But you have been told that nature is a bondage, a prison, sinful. These terrible and wrong teachings have infested man’s mind with poison, spoiling any love for nature, preventing any possibility for perfect knowledge.

It is essential a man bring nature back into his life before he attempts to invite God into it. A love of nature eventually transforms itself into a prayer unto God. Man is not to free himself from nature, he is to find his own freedom in nature itself.

“Does God exist?” you ask. It is not at all proper to ask a question like this because you don’t even know what the word God means. God means whole. The whole of existence itself is God. God is not a separate entity. he is not some individual, some power. What exists is God. And even this is not the proper way to say it. It is more accurate to say that existence itself is God. Even in saying “God exists” there is redundancy.

Questioning the existence of God is questioning the existence of existence. The existence of all other things is obvious, but this is not the case with God. And this is because he is existence himself. The power, the energy that exists in all things may also be apparent, but this is not so with God. He himself is that power.

How can the totality be known in the same way the component parts can? God cannot be something I can know, because I am in him too.

Yet it is possible to be one with God, to sink into him. In fact, we already are one with him; we have already drowned in him. You realize this when you lose your “I.” Knowing this is knowing him.

This is why I say that love itself is knowing God. God can only be known in love because in love the “I” disappears. You will never find love where “I” exists. Love is only there when “I” is not.

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