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Chapter 17: Jesus, the Only Forgotten Son of God

They cannot agree because God is above everything; nobody can be above God. The scientist has to be an observer, above, to watch, and then God becomes just a plaything in his hands. He will put electrodes in God’s mind. He will have remote control so whenever he wants, God laughs; whenever he wants, God weeps; whenever he wants, God runs; whenever he wants, God stops. The pseudo-religions cannot agree for this reason: that God is not a creature, not a thing; he is the creator. He has made you, you cannot be above him, in no way.

My disagreement is that even for something to be a hypothesis a certain probability is needed - not certainty, but at least a probability. God is not even probable. My reasons are totally different. A scientist starts with a hypothesis because he sees some probability in it, some possibility, some potentiality.

God is only a word without any substance in it; a hollow word with no meaning at all.

Perhaps we have to interpret the Bible a little differently. It says, “In the beginning was the word, the word was with God, the word was God.” In this reference perhaps it is true, that the beginning of God is nothing but a word. And then the word starts gathering moss around it; as time passes people go on giving more and more meaning to it. What meaning they give to the word is their need. You should remember it.

God is all-knowing, because man has felt in every direction that his knowledge is very limited - just a little light, a candlelight throwing a small circle. Beyond that circle all is darkness; and that darkness creates fear. Who knows what it contains? Somebody is needed who knows. If he is not present, he has to be invented.

God is an invention of man’s own psychological need.

He is all-knowing. You cannot be; whatsoever you know, howsoever you know, you can never be all-knowing. Existence is so vast and man is so tiny, so small, that to conceive that your small brain will be able to know all - past, present, future - seems to be a fool’s dream. Even a fool will not dream such a thing.

But to live in a world surrounded everywhere with darkness is difficult. You cannot be certain even of what you know, because the unknown is so vast, that who can say that if you know a little more, your known will not be found invalid.

In fact that has been the case. The more man knew, the more he became aware that the knowledge that was knowledge yesterday, today has become ignorance. What about today’s knowledge? Perhaps tomorrow this too will become ignorance.

It became a great psychological need to have someone who knows all.

The priests did a great job, perhaps the greatest job ever done, and did it perfectly well: they invented God.

It helped in many ways. Man became more certain of himself, more stable, less afraid, because there is an all-knowing God, all-pervading God, present everywhere. All that you have to know is the key to turn God in your favor. And the key was with the priest, who was ready to part with it.

Every religion has been pretending that they have that key which unlocks all the doors, the master key. And if you attain the master key, you will be just like gods; you will be all-knowing, you will be present anywhere you want, you will be all-powerful.

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