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Chapter 5: The Way of Wisdom, the Way of Love

That is the meaning of the biblical story: Adam is turned out of the Garden of Eden because he has eaten the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. It is a very significant parable. Because of knowledge Adam is turned out of heaven, loses all his blessedness, loses all his innocence, happiness, loses immortality, becomes a mortal, becomes miserable. This is the original sin: knowledge is the original sin. Meditate on this parable as much as possible, again and again, from different angles. There is no other parable so significant in the whole history of religion.

Adam’s sin is knowledge. Then what is Jesus’ virtue? It must be ignorance. Christians don’t talk about it. It must be ignorance. That’s what Jesus says when he says, “Unless you are like children you will not enter into the kingdom of my God.” “Unless you are like children”? means unless you are innocent, ignorant like children, unless you drop all your knowledge, you will not enter, you will not be received back. Knowledge is the sin and ignorance is the virtue.

To be ignorant and to know that all knowledge is false, is a radical revolution. Then you remain virgin, then knowledge never corrupts you. Yes, knowledge is a corruption, it is a poison.

All meditative techniques developed anywhere in the world are nothing but efforts to make you free of your knowledge, efforts to make you free of your mind. Meditation means to create a state of no-mind. A state of no-mind will be a state of no-knowledge. A state of no-mind will be a state of tremendous ignorance - primal ignorance. And ignorance is beautiful.

When you don’t know, you are not; when you know, you are - knowledge begins to function as the ego. No-knowledge, and the ego cannot exist; it has no props, no support. It falls, collapses, disappears. And in that state of no-mind, no-ego - no-you - something happens, which is more like love. You flow into existence and existence starts flowing in you. You are no longer separate from existence. The drop has fallen into the ocean, and the ocean has fallen into the drop.

This is what is called wisdom. Knowledge is not wisdom. To know “I don’t know anything” is wisdom.

That is the meaning of the oracle of Delphi’s declaration. Somebody asked, “Who is the greatest wise man of the world?” and the oracle said, “Socrates.” And the person went to Socrates and told him, “Have you heard it or not? The oracle of the temple has said that you are the wisest man in the world.”

Socrates is reported to have laughed and said, “Go back. There must have been some mistake because just today, this morning, it has happened to me that I don’t know anything. How can it be? If you had come yesterday I would have believed you, because I used to think that I know, but not now. This morning - this very morning - something tremendous has happened to me: all knowledge has appeared as futile. I am awakened. The sleep of knowledge is no longer there; I am no longer dreaming. And now I know only one thing for certain: that I don’t know anything.

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