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Chapter 1: Hold Your Tongue

And Buddha had to agree; it was not an argument for argument’s sake. People like Buddha don’t argue for argument’s sake; he saw the truth of it. He said, “I have to agree with you. Yes, there are a few people who are exactly in the middle, on the boundary line. If I don’t say anything to them they may be lost in the crowd; if some help is given to them, a little hand, they may be pulled out of their mud. I will speak for them.”

He was going to be an arhata. Arhata means one who has arrived but is unconcerned about others, almost cold, does not care a bit. He became a bodhisattva; that is the second category.

Bodhisattva means one who is not only a mystic but also a master, who has not only known himself, but tries to make it known to others. Of course, the work of the bodhisattva is far more difficult; the arhata is in a better position. The bodhisattva has to struggle with all kinds of insanities - insane people, split people, schizophrenic people, neurotics, psychotics. Humanity is full of these people. The bodhisattva has to go into the crowd, into the mud where you are, because that is the only way to help you out. Unless he comes amongst you, unless he lives with you, unless he relates with you, communicates with you, in a thousand and one ways seduces you, creates the longing for truth in you, he cannot help you. And these are not easy things.

People are not concerned about truth at all. They are concerned about money, they are concerned about power, about prestige. They are not interested in being liberated, they don’t want to be sane. They protect their insanity in every possible way because they have invested so much in their insanity. It is their insanity and they are very proud of it.

Are you not proud of being a Christian, of being a Hindu, of being a Mohammedan? Are you not proud of being a German or British or an Indian? You are proud of all these insanities. These divisions have been destructive. These divisions have proved curses to humanity. They have been calamities, but you are very proud. Everybody seems to be proud.

I have heard:

An Englishman was talking to an Italian. And the Englishman asked the Italian, “If you had been given a choice before you were born, what nationality would you have chosen?”

He said, “Of course I would have been British!”

And the Englishman asked, “How would you have felt?”

He said, “I would have felt very proud!”

These were the days of the second world war and the Italians and the Germans were being defeated. They were losing their prestige and their power, they were condemned all over the world.

The Italian asked the Englishman, “If you had not been born British, how would you have felt?”

And the Englishman said, “I would have felt ashamed.”

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