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Chapter 14: Each Step Needs Different Kind of People

Did you expect what happened to happen?

It was possible.

You said also at the news conference Monday night you blamed religious requirements of celibacy, for instance in Christianity, for creating homosexuality which in turn led to AIDS. You have also said in the past that you have known many women, yet you give us the impression now that you are a celibate man. Are you?

I am not.

At the present?

Yes, at the present. Just as you are not eating now but tomorrow morning you will have breakfast, I can have my breakfast any time! Right now, I am celibate, you are celibate, everybody here is celibate.

In Seattle I have a wife. I wonder if you have a relationship with a woman.

I have relationship with thousands of women. One woman is not enough. Nobody is satisfied with one woman or with one man, and you should look into yourself Because it is human nature to have change.about everything. Now you are here, you are celibate, but you cannot guarantee that there in Seattle your wife is celibate. She may be celebrating!

The, the reason that I find it peculiar that you would say you are not celibate is because you have a great deal of health needs in terms of cleanliness, and the temperature of this room for instance. You do not, as we normally do, shake hands when you greet someone. And you’ve spoken very frequently of the danger that AIDS presents to the world. I wonder if you have a fear of infection?

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