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Chapter 8: The Essence of Existence

G. E. Moore, a very great thinker of the West, wrote an amazing book on the definition of “good.” After some two hundred and fifty pages of continuous effort in attempting to define what is good, Moore reached the conclusion that good cannot be defined. Moore also gave other examples like: How will you define the color yellow? The color yellow.such a small thing and it is scattered all around us - marigolds are in bloom, yellow oleanders are blooming, golden yellow is showering from the sun.. Everyone experiences yellow. Yet if someone asks you, “What is yellow?” you will only be able to say, “Yellow is yellow.”

What is sweetness? Sweetness is sweetness. What is love? Love is love. All these small phenomena are indescribable, so the vast must also be indescribable. No matter what picture of the vast you make it will be false, it will be too small, and any doctrine created concerning it will seem trifling. This is why it is said that God is indescribable. Those who have known say God is indescribable.

Those who have not known describe God, they create explanations of God. It is only those who don’t know who describe God. Only they give definitions, only they carve images of God, only they create doctrines about God, create scriptures. Those who know say God is not describable. They have remained silent. They have never spoken about God. Yes, they have spoken about how God can be attained..

Drink water and you will know if it is sweet or salty, cool or not cool. If you drink, then you will know. Those who know will indicate to you where to find fresh waters, they will indicate the lake. They won’t say a single word about the taste of the water. They will say, “There is a pool, I drank there. You come too, I will take you. Come, hold my hand.”

Those who know talk about the ways in which God can be known. Those who don’t know try to prove the existence of God, they offer you proof saying, “Here, this is the proof. God is like this, or he has one thousand hands, or four hands, or three heads.”

These are all foolish statements. God’s capacity cannot be exhausted by having even a thousand hands. Three heads would not be enough because all heads are his and all hands are his. Not only the hands that exist today, all the hands that have ever existed are also his. These hands that exist today are his, the hands that have ever existed are his, and the hands that will exist in the infinite future are also his. How can it be exhausted in a thousand hands? And not only man’s hands are his. The hands of the birds and the animals are his too, the branches of the trees - these hands of the trees are also his. Everything is his. How to contain the vast by words? It is difficult.

What is in you is not in your image!

Have you ever loved someone? Did anyone give you a picture of your beloved? Did you feel the difference?

What is in you is not in your image!

Your form can be captured in colors, not you,
Neither the warmth of your breath
Nor your body’s fragrance
Can be captured.
Your suppleness is not in my description,
.they are not in your image!

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