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Chapter 10: The Pure Sky of Consciousness

What we are trying to do is of immense importance for the future of man. It is not an ordinary experiment - in fact there is no other experiment which is more important than this. You may not be aware that you are participating in something which can save the world. Otherwise the division between the Eastern and the Western is going to kill humanity. The East is poor, too poor, and the West is becoming too rich, and the rift is becoming bigger and bigger every day. This rift is bound to create, sooner or later, a Third World War - which will be destructive to both.

Before it happens we have to spread a new vision, we have to give birth to a new humanity, a man who is neither Eastern nor Western but simultaneously both together; not in equal amounts, not half Eastern, half Western - fully Western, fully Eastern.

The second question:

I want to become a sannyasin, but I cannot because I am already a practicing Catholic. How can I accept two masters? And am I allowed to ask questions before I become a sannyasin?

There is no question of accepting two masters. It is not a question of masters, it is a question of surrender. If you are surrendered to Christ, you are surrendered to me. If you are surrendered to me, you are surrendered to Christ, to Buddha, to Mahavira, to Krishna. The question is of surrender. You are taking the question from the wrong end. If you know how to surrender, then all the masters are one. Then you will find Christ in Buddha, and Buddha in Christ.

The surrendered heart becomes so deeply harmonious that it can see that Krishna and Christ are not different. Certainly their language is different - Krishna speaks Sanskrit, Christ speaks Aramaic. Certainly they use different metaphors, different parables. They are different fingers but pointing to the same moon. If you can see the moon, will you be worried about the fingers? If you can see the moon, will you be obsessed with the finger - whether the finger is that of Krishna or Christ or Buddha or Lao Tzu? What does it matter? Once the moon is known, the fingers are forgotten. To become too obsessed with the finger is a state of pathology. The Hindu is ill, the Mohammedan is ill, the Christian is ill. They have become too fascinated, obsessed with the fingers.

There is only one moon, but it is reflected in a thousand and one lakes. Don’t become too attached to the reflection in the lakes, don’t become too attached to the lake. The lake has nothing to do with the moon; even if the lake disappears, the moon remains. The lake may become disturbed, the reflection may be lost, but the moon is there.

Yes, there are different lakes, and they have different kinds of water. One lake is salty, another lake is sweet; one lake has a bluish tinge to its color, another lake is a little green - and so on, so forth. One lake is very deep. The other is very shallow. But these differences don’t make any difference to the moon reflected in those lakes.

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